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Drug Abuse

May 23, 2014
By burnsboy12 BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
burnsboy12 BRONZE, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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I think people should not abuse drugs. If you abuse drugs, it will do damage to your body, both physically and mentally. It could also lead to addiction and waste all your money. You could hurt people you love and not even know it. If you want to ruin your life on drugs, go ahead. But first, let me try and talk you out of it.

If you abuse drugs, your brain will not work effectively. It could make you dizzy, uncoordinated, sleepy, nauseous, and impair your memory. This could affect your driving causing you to crash and possibly hurt people. If you don’t want to end up dead from a car crash or hurt someone else in the process, don’t start drinking and doing drugs.

Some physical effects of drug abuse can be very bad. Drug abuse can affect your lungs causing you to breathe strangely or poorly. It can affect your skin causing you to get rashes, hives, and very bad acne. It can even affect your teeth causing you to have a very bad smile. It will ruin your body.

Abusing drugs can also lead to addiction. You will waste all of your money on them because you think you need them. You will get very poor, very fast if you abuse drugs. If you’re thinking about going to college say goodbye to that dream.

I think people should not abuse drugs. It will ruin your physical appearance, hurt your mind, and waste all your money. So what do you choose---drugs or a better life?

The author's comments:
i hate when people abuse drugs and i wanted to give my opinion on the subject.

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