Drug Free

By , Chicago, IL
I feel excited about the DARE program. I feel that the DARE program will
make a difference in this world. The DARE program will help us make good choices in our life. But I feel that the DARE program will make us stronger to say no to our friends. Also I feel glad about the DARE program because when the time comes that someone offers me drugs. I will know what to do and say.

Something that I learned in the DARE program that can help me stay drug-free and avoid violence is to stay away from places that I know their using drugs. Also I learned that the new DECISION MAKING MODEL of DARE. It stands for Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. Also another way to stay drug free is to know the effects of the drug. Think of who you are hurting for doing that drug. Well you are hurting your family because you are doing the drugs and can die. And your family wants to see you more. So please stay away from violence and drugs. If you smoke tobacco it affects your body development. And you could get lung cancer. I learned that marijuana has more tar than tobacco. It is illegal for anybody under the age 21 to drink, if the cops see you with a beer bottle at the age 20 they will ask for your id and if they see you are under 21 they will send you to jail. So before you do drugs think about who you are hurting or affecting.

I think it is important to be drug-free and avoid violence because no drug is holding back your body development. Also you could avoid violence by not going near drug dealers or party’s without parents. Also it is important to not do drugs because you could get addicted. It is important to be drug free because we are not hurting anyone or having drugs risk of dying. Also it’s important to be drug free because if our job is required to take a drug test and you pass you get the job. And if you don’t pass you won’t get the job. So it’s important to be drug free because you could be affecting yourself from getting a job and you are affecting your family. And the most important of all if you over dose yourself you could die. If anyone offers you drugs say no because you will get in trouble in some way.
I pledge to be DRUG-FREE and Avoid Violence because I know who I am hurting. Also I know who is at risk in dying. I am aware what could happen if I over dose myself with drugs. But before you do anything remember the word DARE. That word will guide you and will help you win. That word gives you a new life. That word gives you the reason of why not to do drugs. Just remember Dare. Remember who you are hurting. Remember who you are putting at risk of dying and suffering. This is why I pledge to be Drug Free.

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