December 20, 2017

Once a symbol of devotion, and now a symbol for terror. The rich history of this garb has been wiped out and replaced with the irrational fears instilled by the media, trying to control when and where it should be worn, masking their hate with the guise of freedom. Their fear has spiraled unfathomably to the point where laws have been passed to ban this piece of cloth. How? One could ask, how could banning a personal choice represent freedom? How could a cloth threaten one's own safety to the point of senseless attack? What could justify the unnecessary and brutal hardships put forth on the wearer due to a simple personal decision?

Excuses have been made, but people are beginning to see the discrimination. We have begun to take action, stop the bigotry in its tracks, and one day we will live in a world empty of these fearmongering individuals.

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