Understanding and Accepting Ourselves

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good, beautiful,intelligent are words in which we all want to define ourselves(mostly). The pride in understanding who we are and what we want to achieve is mostly dependant on how the people around us perceive it. Sometimes going out of the way and stating that we are different might bring about a wave of negative criticism which could shake our foundation which is still tender in its youthful grace.Yet I see millions around the world accomplishing what they seek and standing on the face of this earth content of having made their mark. They are proud of their contribution, their effort and their genius. I am lost mostly when I read about these achievements and I feel how insignificant I am.I feel a need to open up and be myself but I am scared to face the world, piercing its judgement on who I am and who I ought to be. To be ourselves is usually interpreted as to please others. We do everything to please others- our friends, so that we are not lonely in recess, our parents, so that we don't see the unpleasant look on their faces, our teachers, so that we become their pets and so on. In the end of the day we forget that we have pleased everyone and everything and having distanced us from ourselves. Great people who have accomplished and contributes to the vibrancy of our society were all individuals who were unique in themselves with their doses of charisma and charm. If we can contribute in the smallest ways possible we cannot be anything but ourselves. We must try to attain perfection without compromising on our identity. It is only then that we can feel good, beautiful and marvel our intelligence as gifts of God. Because everybody else is already taken.

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