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Behind the unknown...

December 6, 2011
By oh_nine_2009 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
oh_nine_2009 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
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Behind the smile, the words, the flesh, is a person that you didn't meet yet. The soul that hasn't revealed itself. It's likely that it won't. Ever. Love this person no matter what people say about him/her. Because behind the unknown, there's a different type of person. It's always true. Always honest. It comes out in times of hurt. Behind the smile, the words, the flesh, is a person that cuts. Can't count the number of slices on the skin. Hidden behind the clothes. A person that uses drugs to numb the body. To become completely oblivious to the outer world completely. A person that drinks, to numb the senses. A person that cries in the bed when trying to drift away to sleep. A person that is constantly haunted by a tragic sense of the outside world. Please, love those people. You don't know how they are when the masks are thrown off.

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Love everyone.

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