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Affirmative Action

January 13, 2010
By leslie.lam123 SILVER, Houston, Texas
leslie.lam123 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Life isn’t easy for minorities like it is for people who don’t need affirmative action. Disadvantaged minorities need help in order to get into a good college or to get accepted to a high-quality school of their choice because of educational equality, racism, etc. Minority kids might work as hard as non-minority kids but still not get into a good college. I am arguing for affirmative action because these kids need our help.
Minorities need a push to help them get back up. Life probably has never been good for the minorities. Many times they can’t get out of their terrible situation by themselves. Affirmative action kids are often getting knocked down. However, “…people solely on their individual abilities are doomed to reinforce pre-existence inequalities. Our education system is a mirror-image of the profit-driven society that produced it, one where a wealthy minority rules over an oppressed majority “ (Pryse 1). They need a little push to get them out of the mess that they’re caught up in.
Sometimes minorities’ home life or school life may have bad influences on them. This makes their hopes of getting into a good college even harder. Parents may have done drugs, which make the kids work harder at home than at school and that does not allow them time with their schoolwork. It’s a fact “When people suspect the worst – that preferences that skewed the entire class – they are accused of the very racism that justifies these preferences. It is a strange cure that generates its own disease” (Sacks & Thiel 1). In some cases, the parents leave them or something happens to the parents, then the kids are left to defend for themselves.
Some say that most affirmative action kids are not prepared for college. This means that they most likely will not get into a good school, but colleges and their testing methods are completely unfair towards affirmative action kids. In reality, “Standardizing testing is equally unfair, as students in upper-class schools have more access to upper-level classes and test preparation classes” (Pryse 1). Minorities may not be prepared because they had a bad home life or school environment with bad influences, poor education, or lack of physical resources. Even though affirmative action can cause tense relationships on university campuses, it can also immensely increase diversity.

The author's comments:
When my teacher gave us this topic to write about, it really inspired me to just write whatever flowed into my mind.

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