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In The Shadows

December 11, 2018
By RainbowBoy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
RainbowBoy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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In The Shadows

Transgender people have been slowly advancing through the hardships of life.


I’m a transgender man going through the process of changing my gender.Coming out is one of the scariest things that can go wrong. My coming out was one of these “fails” but that didn’t stop me. I first realized i wanted to be a man when i was 4 years old when i got shunned by the girls and loved being with the other boys. When i was 7 i got kicked out and beat for wanting to be a man. I’ve lived with my mom ever since Early October in 2015 i came out to my mom and since last month i’ve started testosterone shots.

These happy moments need to be shared, some don’t even know where to go for the process. Whether you’re accepted or not you have to know what you can do for your process. Many healthcare providers cover sex reassignment surgery. However, many states still don’t allow us to come out or go through the process. There are gender centers as well as lgbtq+ centers and housing which can help you with many things.

We fight for safety and rights but do we really know our rights? People have been killed for being trans and it gets covered up and hidden from society. Many trans people have been shot, stabbed, and beaten after being kidnapped or lounging in the comfort of their home. Being afraid to be alone or in your own skin because of people like them isn’t right and needs to be addressed. Life is precious and should be treated as such it doesn’t matter what skin we have or what is between our legs safety is a must.

You may be thinking why should i care or these people are just mentally ill. Many people agree with you but we are just people who see the world differently and want to see the changes. We feel as if we are born to the wrong body and that we are monsters or crazy but we stick together and support each other on this battle to find ourselves just like you do. Everyone has different ways of finding oneself such as meditation, surgery, or traveling.

The mass killing of the lgbtq+ doesn’t get recorded to its full potential. They hide or miss gender people and the numbers keep rising nobody is fixing it. This year only 25 killings of transgenders have been seen yet my friend isn’t on that list not even their friend who was also trans. Who knows how many have been killed this year, the numbers rise but no one puts a stop to it or helps us. I fear for my life every day.

I hope that you can see the struggles of the transgender and transexual comunity. Help stop the hate crimes and get our voices heard. Stay happy and positive no one can bring you down. Everyone is like a snowflake, no two snowflakes are alike. Lets save the world together.

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