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Donald Trump Is Stitching This Country Back Together

October 31, 2017
By davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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With hatred.


Gotcha with that clickbait, huh? So, how am I going to back up that claim? Let’s start with the current left-right divide, just in case I'm beyond right.


Currently, in 2017, we’re in the domino effect of the year that has no number. Every topic is a partisan topic. Be it whether guns are cool or if guns are cool and dangerous, or even if we should hate the T in LGBTQIA. and it’s not just u.s. It’s the U.K, it’s left and right Korea, which although it’s been a thing for about 50 years, clearly wrong Korea is about to launch the nukes far enough to hit u.s, which is almost the other side of the globe, so... yeah. That’s kinda... unfortunate to say the least. That said, Nintendo's getting it’s [REDACTED] together and... Nintendo's getting it’s [REDACTED] together!


Now, keep in mind things weren’t always like this. Back in 2001, we were in agreement on a lot of things. For example, “are guns cool, or are guns dangerous and that’s why we think they’re cool.” the answer was “.” because the question didn’t have to be asked! If you did ask, the answer might have been “well, none of the clinically insane are grabbing guns, just the clinically depressed, and we don’t need to protect ourselves against anyone, so why do you ask?” and then one infamous day happened. The 400-ton plane crashing into a tower at around 600 miles per hour heard round the world (what’s your response to that, conspiracy nuts? That a sledgehammer can’t break bones?). The day that not only will America never forget, but the world will never forget. 9/11/2001. Ultimately, the terrorists on that day got half of what they wanted. They were able to distal fear in about half the public. Of course, then there’s the other side. your social justice warriors tend to be on this side, for obvious reasons. They tend to think that “man” is equal to “misogynist” that “gender” means “not something that got developed in nature, and likely due to the same hormones produced in opposite amounts, one might feel like the opposite gender. No, more like a social construct.” “white” is equal to “racist.” so on and so forth. Neither side wants to hear the opposites point of view, or how they support that viewpoint, because they already know, duh. “We’re idiots who wanna take all those rights away and turn this country into a communist state.” “we’re idiots who don’t care about the poor and middle-class, any other religion, women, or a racial minority.” but because we get this idea of each other, we stick to ourselves and try not to hear the people shouting “(not sure if that would get past teen ink's censors. Maybe if I finger prince it. Not sure how I'd do that here, though.)” or “racists” because they’re everything wrong with this country. But how does all this relate to the Pumpkin Of The United States?


Well, that’s very simple, and in fact, not enough to make an article on. At first, most of the left hated trumpty drumpfty, but when Bernie lost, those who were disillusioned with modern politics decided “you know who ALSO isn’t going to be a typical politician, unconcerned with everyday people like me? Donald J. Trump! Ya know, the guy who before the race was known for saying ‘you’re fired,’ and ‘a small loan of a million dollars?’ yeah, he’ll really be concerned with anyone else. Literally anyone else.” but they quickly learned their mistake. And on the right, “guns? Obama is isis? Raping women? umm... did you say protect- I heard troops! You said to protect the troops! Yeah, those guys shouldn’t peacefully protest by kneeling to the greatest song ever made! What? Build a wall AND ban the Muslims? Jajaja! You’re right, what does science know, there’s no way the air in my apartment can affect the outside air! Yeah, what do those statisticians know, gun violence is as low as it can be! DRAIN THE SWAMP! DRAIN THE SWAMP! Hey, why are those people upset, you don’t know who the KKK are, in fact, I'm pretty sure they’re great people! Not like those drug dealing killer rapists that the left calls Mexicans.” but now it’s more “how does he think that to toss a single paper towel roll out into the crowd, more than an hour away from where the hurricane hit, will help?” due to this, they’ve begun to go “ya know, we won, but maybe we let the wrong person win.” and, well, you all know my view already. The thing about this is, we agree. The left and the right, we finally agree on something. That Donald Trump has bad morales. But this could easily lead to us agreeing on, oh, i don’t know, literally anything else. Which is how DA RULEZ, temporary rules, peaceful methods of dealing with countries, etc. get passed, which is kind of essential for a government to do anything, rather than having a man with a plan, or a man of action in charge, but not being able to do anything despite that.

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y'all know how I usually have a school thing, and then I use that as a teen ink thing? well, now I've done that in reverse. I've actually had this gestating longer than usual.

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