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What If There Were No Police Officers?

December 16, 2016
By Anonymous

Police officers put their own lives on the line each and every time they decide to respond to a call. They are willing to sacrifice their own lives for our safety. Cops never know what the exact situation is that they are putting themselves in. They could be responding to a domestic abuse call and arrive at the house and get shot because the man had a gun. Right now in our world it seems like everytime you turn on the news another police officer is murdered or a black man is shot by a police officer. Even though recently there have been some officers have been guilty of police brutality, we can't let a few rotten apples ruin the bunch. A world without cops is a world full of chaos.

Without police officers our country would destroy itself. We cannot trust humans to do the right thing all of the time. If we had no one to enforce the law, it would be basically nonexistent. The streets would be ran by gangs, full of crime and violence. People already break the law knowing that there is a possibility of getting caught and going to jail just imagine if that wasn't a possibility. What would keep you from doing something wrong if there were no repercussions to your actions? 

On July 9, 2016 Five police officers were gunned-down in an attempt to get revenge. In the sniper's mind these killings were retaliation for two shootings of black men by police officers that happened earlier in the week in Louisiana and Minnesota. He stated that his goal was to kill as many white officers as he could. The officers were guarding a peaceful protest against police brutality. In addition to the five officers that were killed, seven officers and two civilians were wounded. I found a quote from the Dallas police Chief, David O. Brown that reads “All I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.” I agree with Chief Brown completely it is time that this vicious cycle is put to an end. There are millions of different ways to get a point across other than violence. I cannot understand how this murderer rationalized his choice. He killed five officers whom had never had any accusation of police brutality.

To honor the fallen officers the Dallas Cowboys had an Arm in Arm decal made to place on the back of their helmets during the upcoming football season. For their first training camp practice the Cowboys walked onto the field arm-in-arm with the fallen officers family members, Chief Brown, and Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings.  The Cowboys asked the NFL for approval to wear the decals throughout the season and they were denied. Even though other teams have been granted this right for other tragic situations. For example, the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and the New York Giants were allowed to wear a decal on their helmet for the terrible Sandy Hook Massacre. The NFL also authorized the Pittsburg Steelers to wear a decal in honor of a legendary coach passing.The NFL claims that the reason the disapproved the decal was because of uniform rules they must follow. I believe that the NFL was scared of what might happen if people in our country saw an organization standing up for police officers because right now to many people in our country that is not the favored opinion.

I hope that this hatred towards our police dies out quickly. Everyone in our country needs to realize that we work be an absolute wreck without cops. There would be no one to call when you are in danger. No one to stop the people that break the law and put all of us in harm’s way. Anyone that is not willing to put their life on the line for others does not have to right to criticize the ones that do. I hope that our nation can put our differences aside and become stronger as a whole. 

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