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Pakistan and Donald Trump: One Common Enemy

June 29, 2016
By Aazan BRONZE, Seoul, Other
Aazan BRONZE, Seoul, Other
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Pakistan has suffered many terrorist attacks from residents but still has not internationally been labeled as one of the terrorist-supporting countries for one reason: the terrorist attacks are committed by the Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan. Pakistan is known as the second country, after turkey, harboring a lot of refugees, which has made it very hard for the police officers to fight large groups of rioting Afghan people. Over and over Pakistan warned Afghan refugees to live properly and justly, but time and time again they have disobeyed. Finally and most recently, Pakistan announced that they will kick out Afghan refugees because they have committed atrocities in Pakistan; Pakistan now realizes the only way to improve Pakistan both politically and economically is to kick out those who are traitors to Pakistan. Afghan refugees openly endorsed India, while living in Pakistan, there-by becoming known as "traitors" who are "biting the hands that feeds them." Pakistan gave them a second chance, but they instead committed another terrorist attack. Pakistan has vowed to strengthen its borders and allow only visa-holders into Pakistan.  Some countries believe that Pakistan is showing hatred toward the Afghan refugees but in reality, Pakistan only said that to protect and show patriotism to their country. 

Likewise, Donald Trump stated he will  build a wall between the borders of Mexico and the United States and he stated his purpose very clearly, which is to keep illegal Mexican people out; that will help give American citizens and legal foreign citizens jobs. He strongly and solely suggested this idea for the benefit of both the American citizens and foreign legal citizens. Donald Trump also strongly declared that he's calling for a temporary "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on" (December 2015). He later stated that the ban will be only for Muslims from terrorism-linked countries and that it will be lifted after he destroys ISIS and eradicates terrorism. Again, he stated that solely for America's benefit.


Pakistan and Donald Trump both have one common enemy: terrorism; they both of them have similar solutions. Pakistan's solution is to vehemently kick out the Afghan refugees for committing acts of terrorism and strengthen border securities between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan hopes its action will have a great effect on the economy and politics. However, Pakistan would still receive Afghan people but only those who come in with a visa on their passports. Donald Trump's solution is to build a wall on the border between America and Mexico to keep illegal Mexican people out. Concerning Muslims, he stated he will ban Muslim citizens of terrorism-linked countries from entering the United States of America. Donald Trump hopes that a dearth of illegal immigrants would result in the openings of jobs for the American citizens and legal foreign citizens. He hopes banning Muslim from terrorism-linked countries would decrease terrorist-related activities in America.  They both have one reason for doing all this hard work; that is to make their own countries great!

The author's comments:

The problems with illegal immigrants inspired me to write this article!

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