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Just Another Form of Entertainment

January 18, 2009
By ~Wolf-Woman~ PLATINUM, Carthage, Missouri
~Wolf-Woman~ PLATINUM, Carthage, Missouri
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The world seems to be filled with both good and evil, but evil seems to be triumphing at the moment. Every day all around the word something terrible happens: a natural disaster, a homicide, someone is raped, a child is abandoned, a suicide, someone dies, etc. Every day these things happen and every day we just seem not to care.

Even in my own little town we’ve had some recent horrific happenings which I don’t wish to recall. The atrocious events made the headlines in a few issues, but eventually were replaced when all the gruesome details were told and no longer interesting.

As a human race we crave action, excitement, and suspense. All the dreadful undertakings in the world seem to be just another horror movie, just another form of entertainment. We are intrigued and reeled in by the mystery and suspense that comes along with the homicide cases. We can’t wait to hear all the details of the killing: who’s been killed, where were they found, how were they killed, and who killed them.
When the information concerning the murder investigation is finally released to the public and hits the news or papers we all race to hear what happens. Everyone discusses what they believe truly happened and who they think is accountable between family and friends. All we seem to care about is what happened and when will the cops get the killer.
But when the case is solved or slowly the headlines are replaced with “When is Obama is going to be assassinated?” or “Miley Cyrus is finally pregnant” we slowly forget all about the horrendous tragedy that just happened. We put it in the back of our mind and go on with the world like nothing happened. We bounce right on to the new and more juicer topic of discussion and forget about the unfortunate mutilated victim and the mournful family.
I don’t think we should take these things lightly. It’s a serious subject and we shouldn’t use it for our own entertainment. That’s what we have CSI and Law and Order for. Everyday all over the entire world somebody is slaughtered against their will. We should not dwell on the subjects at hand, but we should not forget, not caring like some have.

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