Plastered Paradise

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America sucks. Everything sucks. Nothing is good about this world. Nothing. Buddha, your third noble truth is BS. There is no way to over come suffering. Not a single way. Why? Because everyone sucks. We live in a plastered paradise. COME TO AMERICA, THE LAND OF THE FREE. If America is the land of the free, than I'd hate to see a land of the not free. If America is home of the brave, than call me a coward. What's brave about America? Sending thousands of soldiers off to kill to create "peace"? Do you even know what peace is? Read a dictionary. Dictionaries suck. They are full of lies. You can't define me, Dictionary. You don't know me. What's free about the constitution? We don't follow it. First amendment, freedom of relgion and other stuff. So then why can't gay people get married in all states? Because in the Bible, man shouldn't marry man? Okay, so then it's not free religion, it's CHRISTIAN religion. Therefore, the constitution sucks. You want to know what else sucks? Politics suck. Remember the days when people used politics to find a good leader who wanted to help the people? I don't, because every leader sucks. Why are we more focused on stupid things like taxes and not cleaning up the environment or giving everyone somewhere to live? I will tell you why, because politics suck. Why is kidnapping still happening? I will tell you why, because school sucks. We will learn who ruled China in the Qin Dynasty, but we won't learn how to be a good person or about morals...

Everything sucks and you are living in a plastered paradise if you think otherwise. Life is colder than ice, life is fire.

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