November 24, 2008
By Cassie143 BRONZE, North Anson, Maine
Cassie143 BRONZE, North Anson, Maine
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There are many reasons for the existence of the war the U.S. is tangled in still today. In my opinion the war has gone on long enough. Nothing is being done right, most people would agree. The way the U.S. has handled this situation is unsatisfactory to millions of citizens. These people that pay taxes are not pleased with the increase in prices. Also soldiers have not been treated very fairly. Its time for peace. It’s time to pull the soldiers out, and let them return home.

Many people in the United States have been pushed into poverty, forcing most parents to double their shifts, or get further jobs. The people of America feel strongly about the issue with Iraq, and the increases in prices, ( ). The governments spending on the war is the reason for the increase in prices. Hundreds of billions of tax payers dollars are going to the war ( Schoen ). It is “ pretty much impossible to come up with” an amount ” of how much money has been spent in Iraq. The budget comes to about $ 255 million a day”, ( Schoen ).

Families of the soldiers think that the war is gone far enough. People want things to be taken care of and to allow their children come back to the U.S.! Some people are joining peace groups and praying that the war will soon be over, ( Sharp ). Is that too much to ask?

Another problem is the treatment the soldiers are receiving. Instead of the government helping the soldiers by getting them professional help, they give them a medication called “Narcotic pain-relief”, ( Zoroya ). What kind of help is that? Soldiers through out the U.S. have been getting addicted to these to the drug. The drugs are being abused in the army. I was shocked when I found that 20 soldiers in an engineer company of 70 to 80, shared and abused the pain killers. Not only is the government prescribing these drugs they are not keeping a close eye on abuse. “Recently six suicides and seven drug-realated deaths among soldiers in Warrior Transition Units have accorded” ,( Zoroya ). Suicides are not any better than dying in Iraq. Why should the survivors die also? Is this really the kind of treatment that the soldiers deserve and are given? Are we doing everything we can for them?

Although the drugs do help a lot of soldiers get over the traumatizing war, that does not save the lives that were lost from these drugs. Can you tell drugs how you feel, obviously not. The drugs just numb the pain along with the events that are going on around you. Ask your self this; would you rather talk about the things you saw, or use drug to numb it? THINK!!!!!! The narcotics not only numb the pain, it numbs your feelings toward your mother, father, wife, or even your own child. Who wants that?

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The war in Iraq was a guerrilla war, so they were actually just waiting for America to pull out their/your troops. Something siimilar happened to Great Britain during the Boer war, although it's not spelled out quite as plainly with Iraq.