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Control Your Fiery Arms

March 18, 2014
By Mister_J PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mister_J PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Good morning. My name is William N, and I will be discussing my stance on the debate for gun control. As an American citizen, I am taking my stance in this debate taking into consideration all the debates for gun control in the United States. I say that we should enforce gun control for a number of reasons.

As a first, I would like to define gun control. Gun control is the term given to any sort of official control of a citizen’s access to firearms. Gun control has recently been raised as a controversial topic in the United States specifically because of the increase in mass murders through the use of guns. Opposers to the use of gun control would argue that according to the 2nd U.S. Amendment “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. People who state this, however, do not realize what the effects of gun control would be. Gun control would not completely ban guns from the use of public. Instead, it would simply make it harder for citizens to obtain guns and be able to use them. This does not go against the words of the 2nd U.S. amendment.

Another point people would argue is who has used gun control in the past. Famous cruel leaders that have used gun control include Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. They argue that while these people used gun control, millions of people still ended up dead. While this is true, these three leaders were also extreme mass murders with twisted minds. The fact that they used gun control has nothing to do with their slaughter of millions of people.

Gun control has tremendous benefits. With gun control, it will be made harder for mass murderers to access and buy guns legally. Gun control would implant more registration processes for people to have gun permits.
Some gun control proposals suggested by the Obama administration:
Require criminal background checks
Limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds
Banning the possession of armor-piercing bullets to all except military and law enforcement
Provide $20 million to track violent crimes in all 50 states
Thus, mass murderers and criminals wouldn’t be able to get their hands on guns because they wouldn’t be able to meet this requirements. However, the average law-abiding citizen would still have to access to guns for self-defense purposes.

Gun control would also save money for the government. Shootings often lead to destruction of property and delay of major events, such as the Boston Marathon. Property has to be rebuilt and events have to be rescheduled. This all leads to sometimes massive amounts of extra money having to be spent. With the decrease in shootings, lots of money can be saved. Money can also be saved by not having to take as many precautions to shootings, such as bulletproof windows.

At the moment, the United States isn’t exactly setting the best example for the rest of the world as the only dominant superpower. With multiple shootings and mass murders, the United States currently looks like a hot mess. With gun control, these crimes will decrease, thereby decreasing the number of tragic events that make the United States look bad. Shootings would be practically be gone from the United States, thereby giving the government one less thing to worry about. This would then clean up the United States’ image.

In conclusion, I believe gun control should be put into place. Gun control would decrease the number of shootings, save large amounts of money, and clean up the United States’ image. Thank you for listening.

The author's comments:
This is a speech I wrote about gun control.

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