Is War Ever Justified?

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War has continued to exist in this world since ages. Whenever an external force tries to become dominant on some people, war becomes necessary to suppress the opposition. Some invaders considered war to be necessary just to fill their greed. War has always resulted in loss of property and precious human lives. Very few wars exist in the annals of history which are an exception to this statement. Hence, in my opinion, war is never justified.

Back in the 620s A.D, Muslims were engaged in a series of war against the Quraish. These wars can simply be titled as the most systematic wars in world history. No innocent people were harmed and no property was destroyed. The war captives were also respected by Muslims and were treated as normal human beings. They were given healthy food to eat and good clothes to wear. In 629 A.D, Muslims invaded the city of Makkah. Though it was an invasion, yet the damage was always kept at its minimum. Only a few casualties took place and Muslims were triumphant in the end.

Unfortunately, wars like those have seized to exist anymore. Now war has became a plethora of many dusky feelings like greed, acrimony, sadness and loneliness. The word itself gives a murky view. Because of wars in the previous centuries, many innocent people were massacred and millions were also made homeless. Many examples of such pitiable wars can be given.

Examples of the two World Wars are worth mentioning here. Both these wars had catastrophic effects on many countries. The First World War started in 1914 and continued for a prolonged period of 4 years. As many as 40 different countries participated in the war. This war resulted in 37 million casualties! Loss of property and money was also unrecoverable. World War 2 was even more destructive than the first one. Damage done by this war was behemoth. The war started in 1939 and continued for another 6 years. It had divided the population of the whole world into two separate groups. This war is described as the deadliest conflict that ever took place in history. It took lives of about 60 million people, many of whom were innocent. It was in the same war that the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were acrimoniously attacked by the atomic bombs.

Taking away lives of the innocent and destroying other people’s property is nowhere near justice, but unfortunately that is what wars nowadays do. Wars may have become fiercer now due to the introduction of new weaponry. Countries should depend more on negotiations than wars. They should understand that human lives are far too precious to be involved in war. If wars do not end, than surely one day, these precious lives would.

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Sunday said...
Nov. 17, 2016 at 2:41 am
Wow !!! you've got a great knack of writing essays keep it up !☺
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