Freedom of Religion

Throughout the history of man, there have always been conflicts in religion with one religion thinking that it is the superior one, and everyone should be apart of it. During the colonial times in England and the American Colonies there was a church of the state and everybody had to go to church and worship in that church or be punished if caught not doing so. Some of the people living in England moved to the American Colonies to get away from that and be able to go to church freely. It wasn’t until the Declaration of Independence that freedom to worship as one wanted went into full effect.

In our lifestyle today we are able to freely worship however we want to, and we are able to go to church or not. It is all because of the Constitution that our forefathers made for us. It states in the first amendment that everybody has freedom of religion. That means if one is Muslim, he can worship the Muslim way, or even if one is catholic. It doesn't matter what people worship or how. That is what is great about this country. Citizens can believe whatever they want to and it doesn’t matter. Because, in our lifestyle today there are fewer and fewer people going to church. Our mothers and fathers would always go to church. It was a routine that wasn’t broken until we came along and stopped going. We may still believe in whatever we believe in but we would rather stay home and do whatever we do instead of going to church. Because of the Constitution, we can do so. We don’t have any government official saying that we have to go to church or we have to worship this particular god. We have the freedom to do whatever pleases us.

From the beginning there were churches and religions, some different from others, but before the Constitution people were forced to believe in one religion and had to go to one church of the government’s choice. But after the Constitution people had a choice of what they wanted to believe in or not believe in. They didn’t have to go to church or do anything. We have the freedom of religion. Most countries don’t, because in most of them you have to worship one religion. Freedom of religion is the greatness in this society.

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