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Roller Coaster of Gas Prices

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Up. Down. And back up. Gas prices drastically turned into a roller coaster, making people sick of how high the prices keep getting. Sure gas prices have been the lowest its been in years but will it go up again? Martha White says in her article ‘Do Gas Prices Rise Faster Than They Fall?’ “Analyses of gasoline economics show that when the price of oil rises, it takes up to four weeks for the gas station prices to catch up…but when oil prices sink, it takes up to eight weeks for the savings to be passed along to the consumers.”

Major gas companies such as Citgo might stop production so the gas prices will have to be increased again, with there already record profits. Usually people have to work to put food on the table; now people have to work to pay gas. It took some cars over $100 to fill up the tank. But now a price dropped by over two dollars and gas is now affordable and car drivers are stocking up, because they don’t know if tomorrow the gas price will skyrocket again.

White thinks that people should stop looking for a bargain and just use alternative ways to get around like the following: walking, bus, and biking. People have already started to do this because they can’t afford gas, if more drivers started to do this the world would be cleaner and can start to afford some other things. For now though companies around the world are thinking of alternative gas solutions that are affordable.

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