North Korea

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For This article I’m going to start out with what is exactly happening in North Korea. They started nuclear testing, and tormenting the U.S. and South Korea. We have pleaded with them not to test nuclear weapons. There is a chance they don’t even have nuclear weapons. In conclusion Korea has been scaring the globe with bomb threats and nuclear testing.

Tension and disagreements are coming in between North and South Korea. To quote Jack Shafer at Reuters “Like riding a corkscrew through history, North Korea does everything it does over and over again." The U.S. is in the middle of this fall out with North and South Korea and because of that we share some downfall. Although they’ve been saying they have the nuclear weapons capable for a war, do they? Until a while ago, they would get what they needed from other countries by threatening nuclear war. North Korea is in desperate times; they are on the verge of starvation and have no medical supplies. So naturally they do not have anything to trade to get food and supplies for their country. This leads into political problems in Korea that kicked the whole nuclear testing off. Both North and South Korea could strengthen economically if they would cooperate together. They both have similar environmental problems, this includes, air pollution from the cities, and water pollution from acid rain. Their politics and government is unstable too. They made Korea empty promises that they cannot keep. Korea’s government failed to deliver what they promised this caused political destruct. In conclusion, Korea’s bomb testing and weak government are causing problems between North and South Korea. In conclusion, North Korea’s unstable government caused them to spiral down into a weak and unsatisfactory community.

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