Protecting the Citizens of Our Country

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With all the recent shootings in America do you think the founding fathers thought life would be like this? For this reason gun control has caused chaos which we need to abandon. The other side thinks it’s the second amendment that holds their side to bear arms. On the other hand liberals think there should be a limit to gun control. I think we should prohibit the use of guns U.S citizens own. All the shootings we’ve had in Colorado, Connecticut, people feeling unprotected and not comfortable in their homes, and people own guns without training.

The mass shootings have caused chaos and people to worry about the policies of guns. Touching on Colorado when they had the Aurora Shooting it’s caused many people to feel unprotected and worried about gun control. As well later on in Connecticut when the man went into the school to shoot up Sandy Hook Elementary. This caused the government to be involved and president Obama to take action and keep the U.S a safe country. So because of this the government has to become stricter to enforce gun usage.

Continuing, one main problem is the way they can sell guns to many people even if they haven’t experienced a gun. How they register people to guns and don’t even show their recent history of gun usage. So for this they should train them and only sell 1 bullet shot guns. There should be no reason why a U.S citizen owns an Assault rifle. An Assault rifle is not used for hunting it is used to kill many and instantly! So because of that it shows how there are no reason for a citizen to own any gun other than a pistol.

Lastly, more guns will cause more violence. Once again causing people to feel uncomfortable about the things they do. So if there is there is fewer guns in the community there will be less crimes; Shown in the statistics of japan and how many innocent people died. America has had 10,000 people killed by weapons in just one year compared to japan where only 48 people die. So you can see the difference in how gun control has affected our daily life.

Cleary, guns have caused chaos and violence in our world leading to situations where many innocent lives are lost .So the shootings, money, and violence have led to make people feel uncomfortable. So for these reasons, this is why the government has to be involved and prohibit the use of guns.

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