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I wish someone...Questions?

May 24, 2011
By Mirna.. BRONZE, Alameda, California
Mirna.. BRONZE, Alameda, California
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I wish someone told me something I didn’t know. Like something that would catch my interest, or answer my questions. Did you know male sea horses give birth to male or females! Wouldn’t you like to know 8 good reasons why it’s ok for men to lie to women? I would like to know all of that. Or even when you had or are having a test someone just gives you hints, and gives you the answers. To me that would be like not knowing something on a test, but then someone comes and tells you. Here are 5 questions I would like someone to answer.

My first question would be, Can ghost kill you? That’s like my number one question, I always wanted to know. I know they can scare you and everything but who knows if they can kill you? And if someone answered this question for me they would have to have big evidence.

Number two, why do men think its ok to hit women? Like NO that’s not ok. I think if they think its ok then they should go get some therapy. My dad was one of those guys who thought it was ok for men to hit women. I don’t know him though my mom left him when she was pregnant with me. She got tired of him hitting her. And I wonder …How is he? …Does he have any kids...Why hasn’t he come looking for me or my brother? …Will I ever see him? But yeah, I don’t think its right for men to hit women.

Number three, Why do girls get called ‘’hoe’s, bops’, slut’s.’’ but boys get looked like there the men. Some girl’s date a lot of guy’s right? But that doesn’t mean anything, will not to me at least. Words hurt people, and words are strong. Like I know this story it goes like this …There was this mom and she was a pastor in a church but when she went home she wouldn’t act like she was Christian. I don know if you know what I mean? But any ways she beat her son for the most stupid things ever. She would tell him ‘’ I wish I never had you’’ and things like that. She would also be like ‘’ your going to end up in the streets, when you get older and a drug dealer ‘’ …Will when he was 17 he dropped out of high school and was in a gang. Doing drugs all the time, covered up with tattoos, and got kill. He died April 17 2010; someone shot him in the hart. He ended up just like those words his mom said to him. Words can kill people; I know when my mom tells me things I cry I take it personal. And words hurt me and I bet they hurt other people to.

Question number four, why do turtles walk slowly? Some turtles’ be walking so slowly. I don’t like them to be truthful because of the fact that they walk slow. Frogs are better that’s my opinion. I would like to know all the facts why some turtles be walking slowly. It bothers me how they are walking slow and can’t walk like normal animals.

Number five, why are some kids born not born normal? Like is it because of there parents. And why do they think differently then us? Sometimes I feel bad for them because a lot of people make fun of them and things. I think some people shouldn’t be talking, What if they were born like that

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hope You liked it ?...

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julian GOLD said...
on Jul. 16 2011 at 1:35 pm
julian GOLD, Eugene, Oregon
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I agree with Daydreamish. It certainly raised some interesting thoughts and ideas, but if you expanded upon it to connect it, the piece would look even better. But why is it in the opinion section anyway? and if you're looking for something interesting to think about, go check out my opinion piece about the universe and my opinion about our part in it. Its pretty "out there" but I thought you might be interested. Oh, and I think turtle's walk so slowly because their shell is heavy, and their legs aren't centered right underneath their body for maximum support, so they have to move slow. But they do move fast in the water!

Daydreamish said...
on Jun. 7 2011 at 6:03 pm

Well, this was a very good premise for a thought-provoking piece, but it was riddled with grammar errors and you didn't really bring it all together at the end. However, if you would like someone to tell you some things you did not know, look up "Interesting Facts Monty Python" on YouTube.

(Well, it may not be true, but it's a pretty funny skit...)