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Ground Zero Mosque

October 12, 2010
By Sadallah BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
Sadallah BRONZE, Livonia, Michigan
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All who are not white and Christian are bad people and do not deserve the same rights as those that are! Is this what you believe? Because I do believe that a certain tyrant in the 1940s of the name Adolf Hitler, once held similar beliefs. If you do not agree with this then why are the Muslims in New York not allowed to build a mosque nearly two and a half blocks away from a crime that they did not even commit?

The only reason that I keep hearing why the Muslims cannot build the mosque is because those “Muslims” caused the tragedy of 9/11 nearly 10 years ago. And I say “Muslims” because as a Muslim myself, I do not consider those that committed this act Muslims. It is stated in the Qur’an that you may not EVER harm another human being without them coming and attacking you first.

Is America not the land of the free? You cannot take the right to freedom of religion under any circumstance, at all. Remember these are not the same people that took the lives of many on that terrible, tragic day. They only share similarity in names and skin tone, not religious beliefs. Those similarities had nothing to do with the attack on the twin towers.

The real reason that most Americans do not want this mosque to be built (but no one is willing to admit) is because they are afraid of the dark skinned people. They fear that because they look different, that they are better. And that the Muslim is worse because he is not white and Christian. You may be thinking “I don’t believe that!” Well then how come the Muslims are being treated like they are lesser beings? They have had their freedom of religion taken away by some American protesters.

When there was a Shinto (a place of worship for one of the main religions of the Japanese people) built did anyone here a thing about it? NO! Because nobody cares if there is a shrine built there. But all of a sudden when the Muslims want to build a Mosque in New York there are protesters, and politicians involved. Why? Because those against this mosque are afraid of Islam, fear comes from a lack of knowledge and this becomes racism. There is no other reason for it, they are blinded by racism and now have no way of hiding it.

Some politicians are saying that it is un–American to let them build the mosque there. HA! It is un-American to let people express their freedom of religion! The American thing to do is not let them do what is in the constitution! Is that not the opposite of what American is? We are supposed to be the free country, yet we don’t even let anyone practice what has been written down and guaranteed to them.

The reasons they are building there is because they bought this building for very cheap. It was being used as a Burlington Coat Factory, until they went out of business. They are selling this massive 13 story building to them for as little as one hundred dollars a square foot. That will total up to be about 4.8 million dollars. If that sounds like a lot to you, remember that this is some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

So as you can see they did not buy the mosque so that they could look at the site of ground zero in prayer, but rather because it was cheap and in a great location. Everyone is over reacting; they are not doing anything wrong. They are building a place of worship and a community center. The last time I checked no one is going to get hurt or die because some Muslims are putting up a mosque.

By telling them that they are not allowed to build this mosque, other than being completely racist, is kind of like poking fun at the Muslims. If they are afraid that letting them build a mosque will cause another vicious terrorist attack, not only are they completely wrong, but they are most certainly not helping the situation by poking fun. It would just be much safer to back off and let them build the mosque. This way nothing bad happens, and we show all of the other countries in the world that we are not blinded by racism. And hopefully this will mend some broken fences with the Muslim world.

That brings me to my next topic, we have been in conflict with the terrorist “Muslims” (we explained what the “” meant earlier) for quite some time and we are losing many lives because of it. Would it not be a smart thing to do to let them build the mosque and ease up the tension a bit? It would certainly deflate the ability of organizations like Al Qaeda to show how the US is against Islam, making future attacks less likely. However, by denying these people their right to build a place of worship we are only giving terrorist organizations what they want and putting all Americans in a lot of danger.

So it will not only be safer to allow them to build this mosque, but it will also bring a lot of money to New York and help heal the economy. Having a place of worship and a community center will bring people to the area that will spend money on restaurants and shopping which will help support local businesses. Also, the community center will sponsor many charitable events for the local community.

So as you can see it would just be the best thing for America to allow the mosque to be built. It shows that we are not as arrogant as most other countries think and will show them that we are accepting of them as well. It will also help ease the tension overseas and save many lives of soldiers and innocent citizens of those countries. Finally, it will take eliminate one reason that terrorist organizations use in their recruiting process.

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I wrote this piece hoping that it will change many other peoples points of view.

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shantaydd said...
on Dec. 14 2010 at 6:54 am
i completly agree. Muslims are not even the cause of what happened to the twin towers on 9/11 in the first place. good job explaining your opinion and whats right.

on Oct. 21 2010 at 3:52 am
tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
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i completly agree.every person has the right to chose the religion that they want to follow. we  have to study alot of relegion in school and muslims have nothing in the qu'ran that says they have to hurt or kill people. the complete oppset is said.

but i think that the site of the mosque (although it is quite far away enough) that it should be moved away from ground zero reason being that some people are still sensitive and still aren't educated enough to understand. if we really wan't the building of the mosque to help bridge stabiliy between america and islam we must reach out to all peopleas much as we can. muslims, americans everyone.

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