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park51:the menacing mosque

September 14, 2010
By Polythene GOLD, St.petersburg, Florida
Polythene GOLD, St.petersburg, Florida
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Park51 is not at the former site of the World Trade center or "ground zero" it is blocks away, so why is everyone making such a huge deal about this proposed building?
The only thing that this COMMUNITY CENTER has in common with terrorists, is that the majority of the saudi arabian men that facilitated the attack practiced the Muslim religion. Id like to bring to your attention briefly the violent acts that the Cristian religion hides in its own bloody suppressed past, or any other religion for that matter. My point is we do not have the power to deprive anyone the rights of every other American, freedom of religion being one of them.
This COMMUNITY CENTER will in my opinion do nothing but offer a larger space for Muslim people to enjoy the free practice of their religion, in a place just for them. They wanted a bigger space for worship, and I believe if they have the means to purchase the space then there should be nothing more said of it. I think what the problem is that people are allowing their bigoted minds to assume there are ulterior motives behind this COMMUNITY CENTER. Id love to know what they are. What bugs me most is that we feel the need to try and exclude this group of people, this group of AMERICAN CITIZENS from the key principles on which our nation is built. Do you think when our forefathers organized this "melting pot" of cultures they excluded some because of there pasts?

America if that were true this continent would be barren of all humans; because every religion has faults, every religion has violence in its past, and every religion deserves to be practiced openly, and with the same support of the ones before, and after it.

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samiroejo said...
on Sep. 30 2010 at 11:10 pm
completely agree with you....people let their fear and bias get in the way of rational thought