To Those Who Want To Give Up

January 9, 2014
It's not fun once you give up. It seems so much easier…It's not. Trust me, things only get worse.You can't go back. You can't regain control. The wounds may heal but the scars will never fade. They are a permanent reminder of your stupidity. They make sure you know that you have made a mistake. You often pray for a miracle. Ha, yeah. Those NEVER come. After that you lose faith. After you lose faith you lose hope. Your life becomes hell. You think you live in hell now but you don't. Heartbreak and misery…the feeling of wanting someone to need you. In all actuality, no one needs you. That's true hell. Once you're gone, you are gone for good. So don't give up. Please, I am begging you. Stay strong. I'd hate to see a soul as precious, amazing, and beautiful as yours die… Especially when it has so much left to live for. When it has so much potential. When it has so much left to give.

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