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Water is She

November 16, 2013
By simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
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Water is She

She arrives in this world as a tall glass of water. She is simple and pure, containing every ounce of goodness the world once offered. Refreshment flows from her speech; so effortlessly and ordinarily, her nature dazzles every force around with her. The sun is vain when it catches a sparkle on her surface. But the world seeks to dye her purity and she grows in desire for flavor. The world shouts form, texture, color, and detail in artificial powders and aromas. Little does she know that she is enough.

She bores in her tall figurine and wishes to fit another container. Today, a box. Tomorrow, a fish bowl. But no shape reveals the depths of heart better than her God-given figure. More and more, she feels as if she needs to display a greater external surface, a more accessible external beauty to the world. But already present is her deep wealth of internal loveliness, which grows more and more intricate. Her essence of hydrogen dioxide and nothing but hydrogen dioxide is what this world so desperately needs. Too many are glasses of alcohol, soda, and coffee, which all eventually bring intoxication. Rare is her pure goodness.

She brings life to the lifeless and can bear vivacity from her body. A drop of her will sow a seed, and the waves in her hair will shelter the fishes of the sea. Her purpose is to sustain those who cannot sustain themselves. But even though she grows other things, she herself must keep growing. If Mother Nature decides that it is time for wind, water has an amazing flexibility to embrace the winds of change. Water must learn to become solid: her stamina must become unstoppable, shedding waves that break every barrier, tucking in forces hampering her journey, and washing her surroundings clean of devouring poisons. When heat comes, she must learn to evaporate and serve as a refreshing vapor. When winter comes, she lands on the souls around her as beautiful, crystal snowflake figurines. Her fortitude becomes well-tested and resilient because she does not evade challenges. Only then can she thrive in her purpose of vivacity.

Today, she is still dynamic. Each wave curls differently and the rush never gets old. After every ripple and troubled surface in her life comes a longer period of stillness. Her greatest lesson is to stay herself. Sparkles break through the surface.

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