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October 13, 2013
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Fairy-tales, stories, novels, narratives, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

Growing up, you were always influenced to read.

Read, read, read, read,read, readreadreadreadread

Growing up, I loved to read, it was like my mini escape from the world. In fact I still do, as long as the characters don't make unintelligent decisions and it's realistically readable. But there's always a pattern to every single story you read. No matter who writes it, no matter what it's about. It's not the sequence of Beginning, Middle, End. No, it's more simple.

Perhaps, you'd understand better if I refer to fairy tales. You know, Princess, Prince, Complication. Then what? The solution? Which better results in the "Happily Ever After" notion. You see, that's exactly what messed up my complete mindset.

Happily Ever After...

Let that run through your mind for a moment.

And they all lived happily ever after...

When in this world do they all live happily ever after? When does everyone end up content?

If you answered "In A Perfect World", then you are half correct. I was looking for the answer, "Fairy Tales". But I would accept "In A Perfect World", or "In Stories", or "In Your Imagination", etcetera. My point being, nowhere in real life does everything turn our "Okay". There is always some sort of crisis or complication. There is always something that is going to hurt you. There is always that veil of sadness that lingers over your head. There is always darkness waiting in the corners to ruin that happiness that you hold so tightly to yourself.

Now, I'm not saying everyone's life is a complete tragedy. I'm not even saying that nobody is completely content with whatever situation they find themselves in. What I'm saying is, there will always be at least one point in your existence when Life slaps you across the face. It may not be hard and it may not sting for very long, but it will happen. It could be once, it could be twice, it could a never ending cycle of slaps, it could be a full out bone crushing beating. But it will happen.

Parent say that they try and "Shield" their child from the harsh world for as long as possible. Again, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, just that it doesn't always turn out how you want it to be. For example, my mother tried to keep my shielded from all the horribleness; look where it got me. I'm a dark little child, who has no idea what's wrong with her or how it ever happened or how to deal with it all. Hiding from everything messes everything up too, I learned it the hard way, same with denying it. And pretending everything's okay, and pushing yourself to smiling and laugh, and trying to forget every bad thing that happened to you. In my opinion I wish I had an explanation to everything that was happening instead of just pretending I heard nothing.

By subconscious getting to know the pattern of "Happily Ever After" or "Everything Will Turn Out Right", it messes up the actual works of the world. Because in truth, not everything will turn out okay. Nothing good happens unless you work hard to make it happen or unless it benefits someone else. To be honest, the only time someone makes sure another person is okay is once they know that their-selves are fine.

So yea, getting into the notion of "Everything Will Be Okay" will half the time mess up a person's mindset; it might even be the reason for some of the people in the world who have been driven to insanity. Again, I'm not saying that Fairy-tales are bad for young children, but you shouldn't let them think that nothing in the world is bad for too long. I believe that you should prepare them, little by little, of the cruelness of this world just so they're not too overwhelmed when it all comes blasting in their face.

The author's comments:
I was feeling overwhelmed one day and I wrote it. I personally blamed being so covered from the world, because I love to read and write, and it seems that almost every story has a happy ending... trust me I went to my bookshelf and checked, in every single one everything thing worked out fine in the end.

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