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May 2, 2010
By Adrenalinejunkie52 SILVER, Sweet Home, Oregon
Adrenalinejunkie52 SILVER, Sweet Home, Oregon
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Some unseen force is destroying the human population all over the world. It is making people slowly change and die without their knowing it. It doesn’t hurt you physically, but it does damage your soul, sometimes killing it. By now you’re wondering what it is. It’s media. Now, all of a sudden people care about what you look like, and so do you. Now, all of a sudden people care about how you act, and you find yourself caring right along with them. What is this disease? It’s called Hype, which is now this very second wiping out the population. Animals are immune to this disease, but humans aren’t. How do we stop this madness? How do we stop makeup and tight skinny jeans from becoming the world, becoming life? Only the strongest of the strong can fight it, and that could be you. It appears that middle school kids seems to have it the worst. When you walk by kids in the hall, they scrutinize you and look you up and down like you’re a worthless piece of junk. In kindergarten through second grade, hype might have been all around you, but your innocent mind protected you and peer pressure just slid off you. Once you enter middle school, it all changes. Maybe you try fighting it in the beginning, but you feel yourself slowly losing your true self. Everyone says “Oh, just be yourself, they’ll like you just the way you are,” yet Everything a person will tell you is easier said than done. I should know. I fell into middle school expecting the worst, only to find out its not as bad as I thought it would be. That is a sign that my soul is slowly fading away, dissolving and morphing into a replica of everyone else. You must have a heart of armor to protect yourself. Its hard, but definitely worth it. Don’t be a replica. Be true to yourself and be honest with who you are. If you don’t, you’re just another one of Them. They would have won a new soul to devour. They’ve been winning this game for quite a while, with only a few lucky and strong survivors left. I’m going to win this game of life. You can too, if you never give up.

The author's comments:
This is what I observe every day I go to school or see a teenager. It makes me sad to see my friends slowly changing in ways that we all thought unimaginable. It makes me sad seeing that change slowly start to affect me, too. I wrote this hoping to inspire people to open their eyes and wake up.

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