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October 19, 2009
By Vinson Pressley SILVER, Miami, Florida
Vinson Pressley SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Hands begin to tremble, hearts start to race, palms begin to sweat, and anxiety begins to accelerate. Indeed, it’s very common for us to become nervous when called upon to speak in front of a crowd. A perfect example: you’re in class and the teacher says you have to come up and present your project, who wants to go first? The room becomes still and quiet, the atmosphere becomes thick with nervousness because no one wants to go up. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Try not to worry about speaking in front of people, once you’re in front of the people, all that fear and anxiety disappears. It vanishes because you’ll be focused on what you’re trying to do then on the audience. There’s nothing to fear when you’re speaking in front of an audience, the anxiety comes from all the eyes being on you; once you conquer that, you’ll become more relaxed. The more you speak in front of people, the more the nerves will subside.

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