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Cheaters Never Win? MAG

By Anonymous

   "Oh, no one will ever know!" Have you iever caught yourself saying that? No one would ever find out that you cheated on your English test, or your college application. The temptation is so great. It's so easy to do something dishonest to get ahead. It is the easy way out. Why do so many people resort to lying and cheating to get ahead?

The causes of these dishonest acts are many. The opportunities to cheat are everywhere. Cheating on a big test, lying on an application for college or a job, and double-crossing a co-worker are all everyday occurrences in the world we live in. It is too easy to be dishonest and that's what makes it so popular. Why should a C student have to work so hard for his grade when his friend receives an easy A by cheating? Nobody knows that the C student is working much harder, and more honestly. The temptation is caused by the example of others cheating and not getting caught.

Another reason for dishonest deeds is that "everyone else does it." A man wouldn't cheat on his taxes if he were the only one doing it. He cheats because others do, and he deserves the same break they get. "Why should I be the honest one when everyone else gets what they want through dishonesty?" A student was rejected by Dartmouth. His friend had the same academic record, but lied about his extra-curricular activities. The Admissions Office didn't bother to verify the statements and the boy was accepted. The first boy learned his lesson: You get more out of life by cheating or by trying to "beat the system." The man who is honest is the one who gets stepped on in the battle to the top of the corporate ladder. No love is lost between the opponents of this "dog-eat-dog" world.

Whether it is in school, work or life in general, the temptation to do something dishonest to get ahead is reinforced by many reasons, or excuses. There seems to be no reason to work hard when everyone else steps all over you and never gets caught cheating. n

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i love this so much!

LetLoveLive said...
on Dec. 25 2010 at 10:26 pm
Yeah I know! The most popular girl in school sits behind me and everyone says I am a nerd and well I don't care. Anyway, she says,"Hey, when you're done with your test can you show the answers to me?", and I was so shocked that she would think someone like me would cheat for popularity! I'd never cheat even if someone paid me!