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By Anonymous

   Yes, I know that for the past year censorship has been jammed down your throats by every form of media in existence, but guess what? It's back again! A recent article in the Boston Globe spoke of the North Carolina senator who wants legislation to restrict the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) from funding obscenity.

Now if that isn't a sign of censorship, then I don't know what is! First of all, who is the government to say what is obscenity and what isn't? This is why I disapprove of mixing art with government funding. One way or another the government will figure out a way to censor it. They believe that if they're the ones paying for the art, then they should have a say in what's shown and not shown.

Don't get me wrong, I know the government has the right to do this if they're funding the arts, but I think they're driving artists too far! If the government doesn't stop censoring, artists will just find other means of showing their art work. Who knows, illegal underground art museums may even form.

All I know is that somehow artists are going to find a way to express themselves without the government interfering. And I don't mean just art in general, this applies to all forms of art. Everything from writing to dancing!

Hey, I have an idea! Why doesn't the government make the distribution of art illegal? They're already censoring every form of art they can get their hands on. What difference would it make? Either way the government keeps people from expressing themselves, and to me, that's the same as going to jail for writing a piece the government didn't like. n

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i love this so much!