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By Anonymous

   Lately I've noticed how some parents are quick to crucify celebrities when they get caught up in a scandal. Such stars as Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants and Paul Rubens of Pee-Wee's Playhouse have come under the scrutiny of these parents. Some parents' groups have even demanded that these stars be released from their sports contracts, boycotted or taken off the air. The reason: the celebrities have not set a good example for their children and therefore are not positive role models.

The fact is that these stars are paid to entertain and that's precisely what they do. Once they leave the playing field, television or recording studio, technically their jobs are finished. They are not our babysitters, nor should they bear the burden of teaching us values or educating us on drugs, sex or other related topics. That is the responsibility of parents or guardians. If these celebrities are guilty of anything, it is poor judgment, and I doubt that anyone can honestly say that they haven't committed that "crime." n

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i love this so much!