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By Anonymous

   Many people feel that a moment of silence should not be allowed in ipublic schools. They feel they send their children to public schools and religion should not be acknowledged there. This may be because they do not want their children to be influenced by a religion other than their own. It might also be that the parents are atheist and don't want their children learning about God. Parents might feel that the place for their children to learn about religion is at home and at their services or masses. If people wanted their children to have religion incorporated into their child's school day they could send them to a parochial school. Many people do not want a moment of silence in the school because they see it as acknowledging that there is a higher being who created us.

People will argue that religion should not be incorporated into school. Doesn't it say in the Bill of Rights that they have freedom of religion? Doesn't this apply if they are not religious? They may also argue that under the Constitution of the United States, church and state are to remain separate. Then why in public schools do they begin every day with the Pledge of Allegiance, which states "one nation under God." When a witness of a crime is called to take the stand, they place their right hand on the Bible and solemnly swear to tell the truth. Likewise on all U.S. currency "In God we trust" is printed.

I feel a moment of silence should be allowed in public schools. This would be a good time for students who would like to pray to have an opportunity. There are many adolescents who are confused about their religion. A moment of silence each day would allow them time to think and reflect on their beliefs and doubts. Many students feel they should spend time in prayer, but they get caught up in everything going on around them. A moment of silence could serve as a reminder and make the time for them to pray. People who do not want to pray, or who are atheists, could use the moment of silence to reflect on the day ahead. A moment of silence would provide an escape from the hassles in the day. A moment of silence would allow time to relax quietly. People who find the moment of silence worthless could stand and respect the fact that others are making use of the time. ?

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i love this so much!

on Feb. 18 2016 at 6:45 pm
very helpful. got an A+ on my American Report thanks to this web site.