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   That's Not Funny

by S. H., Waltham, MA

Often in our society, people are seen laughing at an elderly person trying to do something that may be simple for most, but difficult for an older person. An older person's struggle to do something easy (like rake leaves, lift objects or even walk down a flight of stairs) is no laughing matter. If anything, the younger, more capable person should be helping out his/her older neighbor. Instead of being in a state of wonderment over the amazing longevity of a person's life span, we laugh at the 100-year-old who can no longer manipulate eating utensils and has to be spoon-fed meals.

If we're lucky, we're all going to live a long life. If we're extremely lucky, we'll never come across any serious disabilities that will prevent us from doing routine activities. People who are so lucky are few and far between. Some day we will all have a tough time doing one thing or another that we have no trouble doing today. When we do reach that point, there's no doubt we would rather be accepted or embraced, than scoffed at.

Since we would rather be loved than mocked, we should try and help the older members of our society today.

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i love this so much!