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Save Me

October 2, 2019
By Anonymous

I watched the clock tick by. I waited for the worst. Eyes red from crying, blade on the floor. Mom told me not to. Dad packed his bags. I can hear the pounding on the door. It’s my brother trying to save me, but he doesn't know. I’ve been gone for a long time. There’s nothing left to save. I can hear mom begging me to let her in. My brother beating on the door. I’m almost gone though. I wish I had someone to blame, but I don’t. Slowly, day by day, I let myself fade away. I could blame mom and dad for their constant arguing. Or my brother for his abandonment. Honestly though, it was my fault. Mom and dad argued because of me. I pushed my brother away. I pushed everyone away. It’s my fault. That’s why I should leave. The lights are starting to fade, and the blood is pooling around me. I can hardly feel the throbbing in my wrist now. I know that I couldn't open the door even if I wanted to. My body is numb. I start to wonder if this is right. I’m fading away. The door swings open and I can feel my brother pick me up. He’s too late though. A stretcher… they called an ambulance… hospital… mom’s sobbing… brothers pacing. My eyes begin to open. I’m alive. They saved me. I can feel the pounding in my wrist again, just like my heart. The light is coming back and I can see now. I didn’t want to die. I wanted them to save me from dying. I open my mouth to speak, but it’s so dry. It takes so much effort to say one word. “Mom,” I finally say. She rushes to my side and takes my hand. Careful not to hurt me. My brothers at the opposite side of my bed. “Honey, are you okay?” I nod, tears begging to pour out. “ I love you, both of you. Thank you.” I say. “We love you too.”

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