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With Colin Powell Out... MAG

By Anonymous

   Now that retired Army General Colin Powell has announced he is not a candidate for President, the door is wide open for Senate Majority Leader, Bob Dole. There is no question Dole is the front-runner among a group of competent, respected but lackluster Republicans. However, the real question is: who is heaving a greater sigh of relief - Bob Dole or President Clinton?

For months, with the speculation that Colin Powell might run, many candidates were so-called "shaking in their boots." Had Powell, one of the most respected and popular figures in our nation, ended up running, he could have pulled off one of the most amazing accomplishments in

our history: becoming the first black man to become President of The United States.

Consider the possibilities if Powell had decided to run. The media blitz would have been phenomenal. Even though everyone knows him, he is charismatic, because, unlike Dole and Clinton, he does not suffer from overexposure. A war hero and well spoken, he would have been a serious opponent for Dole. Dole's many years of experience is not only his strongest asset but also his biggest detriment. In a youth-oriented country, we are always looking for someone new and exciting. Bob Dole, who now is in his seventies, may have waited too long. I believe with Powell out, the biggest sigh of relief came from Bill Clinton. He must be feeling more relaxed now that Powell is no longer a candidate. ?

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