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By Anonymous

   In Boston recently a memorial was dedicated in the memory of the six million people massacred in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany during Hitler's reign.. The Memorial lists the number of civilian prisoners, as well as other memorials throughout major cites. It was erected to remind people of the great injustice done by one race to another and the six million people murdered in the concentration camps who should never be forgotten.

BUT, does this Memorial in fact stand for what the Memorial was meant to stand against? There were not, as many revisionists of history contend, six million innocent civilians massacred by the Nazis, but rather over eleven, possibly twelve, million victims. This Memorial wants you to remember only six million of the dead, the six million Jewish casualties. There were over five million other fatalities, mostly Catholics, who are not remembered in the Holocaust Memorial in Boston or the other memorials throughout America.

When the European Holocaust memorials were being erected, the its Board of Directors criticized the Jewish board members, stating that they wanted this to be only a Jewish memorial rather than a memorial for all the deceased holocaust victims. Apparently what they could not accomplish in Europe has been accomplished in America. I don't mean to sound anti-Jewish; I wish that no one had died in the concentration camps and I believe that what Hitler did was deplorable and pray it will never happen again. But this Memorial is dedicated to stopping prejudice and remembering a great human tragedy. For this Memorial to ignore over five million people just because they were not Jewish is prejudice on the part of the Jews. This Memorial should remember all the people that perished in the Holocaust, whether they were Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or any another race or religion. ?

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