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By Anonymous

   Biting down on that practically useless piece of plastic, I wonder, why? It serves a tiny purpose in life, but why am I so addicted to it? It's not as if this is the same sensation as when I bite into a sizzling piece of lobster or T-bone, it's different.

The great advantage to this is that there are a variety of colors and brands to choose from. Some are better made and last longer before they deteriorate.

These tiny pen caps can take away the boredom of some classes. They can be stress relievers; bite down as hard as you want, it's not as if they are going to bite back.

For me, this addiction developed in the seventh grade. After the life cycle of many generations of pens, I started to kick the habit. The intensity of chewing on the end of my pens would accumulate over time and my mouth would hurt after a forty-minute class.

Gradually, the addiction stopped and I no longer have the same problem. Sure, in the beginning it was fun and no one got hurt. If anything, the plastic and pen industries greatly benefited from my year-and-a-half addiction.

Now I use pens that are on the "different" side. Most don't even have caps to chew on. I do have my weak spot and if I glimpse a Bic pen, it's hard to resist putting that useless piece of plastic in my mouth. ?

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i love this so much!