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Blank Faces MAG

By Anonymous

   The blank face stares up,

Those pursed lips,

The hair neatly combed,

Fingers polished to the tips,

Eyelashes straight,

Eyebrows brushed,

Face cleaned,

Clothes untouched,

Suit pressed,

Tie tied,

Shirt buttoned,

Then I cried.

His hands were folded.

A cross lay in them,

Surrounded with roses,

I know God is with him.

But I am not ...

There will be no more soccer games,

No more swim lessons.

Now there is another truth,

Gone to shame.

Love is thought

to last forever,

But with his closed eyes,

We shall never be together.

No more jokes,

Or laughter to hear.

No more sweet whispers,

Upon thine ear.

I turn my back,

For I shall never see,

Those eyes,

Glancing over at me.

I just worry sometimes ...

He always takes the greats,

Doesn't He?

Why am I here?

Without you with me?

Are you safe where you are?

I hope your hand guides my life.

Do you sleep with stars

Singing me to sleep tonight?

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i love this so much!