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   The U.S. and Iraq by R. A., Boston, MA

About four years ago, the United States was at war with Iraq. This conflict took place because of Iraq's invasion (led by Saddam Hussein) of the tiny country of Kuwait. The United States defeated the Iraqis quickly and decisively. Most Americans thought it was the last time they would see Saddam Hussein. However, recently, the Iraqi Republican Guard (and other Iraqi soldiers) joined forces at Kuwait's border. Immediately, the United States military forces reacted to this act of aggression and began to send battleships and warplanes to the Persian Gulf region. President Clinton also issued a stern warning to the Iraqi forces, stating that their actions would not be tolerated.

My opinion of the United States reaction to Saddam Hussein's actions is that unfortunately it is necessary for the U.S. to send troops to this region. A show of American power may show Hussein that this situation is not considered a "joke" and that the American government will not tolerate terrorist actions. A U.S. presence in the Gulf will surely remind Saddam of what events happened the last time American troops were there, and may also remind him that the United States is a serious force to be reckoned with. Although Hussein says that his troops are only there for military exercises, and as a protest to have the embargo lifted, the Americans (as well as the Kuwaitis), must be wary of any warlike actions Saddam Hussein may take.

Hussein's troops have slowly begun to pull out of the border area as a result of the intervention, but I do not think this should completely stop the movement of American forces in the area. If this tyrant is not stopped he will continue to be a nuisance. If the United States is forced to go to war with Iraq again, I do not think the U.S. will stop until Hussein is removed from power. A war with this mindset will surely last longer than the Desert Storm invasion. As a result, many lives could be lost on both sides. If the presence of American troops in the Persian Gulf can help prevent a war, then I believe that it is a wise idea for U.S. troops to discourage any warlike actions. I would like to see Hussein and his troops removed from the border of Kuwait and forced back to their military bases. Hopefully, it would prevent harm coming to innocent citizens, American soldiers, and even the Iraqi troops. It seems that the only choice the United States has right now to keep peace in the Persian Gulf is to be there as a military presence.

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