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For Richer Or Poorer? MAG

By Anonymous

   Everyone takes vows when they marry, but when those vows are broken, the marriage shattered, there is something that still binds many ex-couples together - their children.

Some parents skip out on their responsibilities. But, even after the divorce, you need to be a good parent. The parent should be there emotionally and financially for their children. Many children are suffering and being denied things every day because irresponsible parents don't pay child support.

I am one of those children. My dad (or should I say, distant relative) has been in and out of the system for two years. He's done everything he can to escape his debt that's growing so large it reminds me of the Federal deficit. The system that was invented to help the children isn't. The police and courts will not go to his home or his work and arrest him. He is breaking the law and his children's hearts - but nothing is being done.

Even when they catch these "criminals," the sentence they endure is not enough, especially compared to what their children have been through. When offenders get caught, they are thrown in jail until they can pay a small portion of what they owe. Since many have money from not paying support, they can pay their fine and be on their way. To continue to do the same thing that they had previously - not care for their children.

So why are so many children denied so many things? Why are so many "criminals" free? Why are repeat offenders slipping through the system? I don't know the answers to these questions and probably neither do you. I'm sure your Representative has a pretty good explanation, why not ask him or her? ?

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i love this so much!

takato said...
on Jan. 21 2009 at 7:36 pm
i think u r wrong about this. people are dieing and u r trin to talk about them that is wrong.