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A Little Faith MAG

By Anonymous

Cold, hard slabs ofwood press against our backs
And the table totters like a two-year-oldlearning how to walk.
Brown kindling shaped like chairs scatters among thetables
Like wooden Stonehenges, full of chaos and order
On theseStonehenges we sit, talking
Politics, global warming, gun control, schoolvouchers ...
We argue about them all
We're not druggies or nerds orjocks
Just teenagers, learning about the world
Because our parents didn'tfeel like recycling or carpooling
Our ozone layer is in pieces
Because theycan't discuss issues with maturity and tact
The government is nothing morethan overgrown five-year-olds
Because of this it is up to us, the futurelawmakers and doctors and writers
To make this world better thanbefore
Adults decided because we're teenagers we're unscrupulous, recklesspeople
Yet they never notice all the things we're doing to keep
This worldfrom falling apart
But whether the Baby Boomers like it or not,
We are thefuture,
Trust us with their fate
We are capable of putting this shatteredplanet together
Ending hostilities between countries,
And banishing worldhunger and homelessness.
Doesn't that deserve a little faith?

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i love this so much!