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Silence is Punishment Enough

February 26, 2012
By MarbleJarble BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
MarbleJarble BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.


Date: Monday, April 14

One thing I miss is time. I know the days and the months and the years, but never the time. My life before never ran heavily on a clock, but it seems like a basic luxury that I have been stripped of unnecessarily.

It’s hard to imagine them ever letting me out of this place.
The shiny new feeling of the walls and beds has worn off and now everyone and everything has lost my interest.

I wonder what it is like outside.
I can’t see it from the tiny window in my room.
I will just imagine that there are beautiful flowers and scents and kids on bikes and happy, simple things that I can’t see when I’m in here.

I wonder what else I’ll miss. Birthdays? Holidays? Deaths?

The world will still be spinning on and on but I’ll be in the vibrant room, listening to nothing but the writing down of my empty thoughts.

I hear a knock now, I think it is Dorothy, taking me to the dining room.

Ally W.

Silence is Punishment Enough

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