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vitches "pilot" 1x01

October 23, 2011
By Ms.Salvatore BRONZE, surrey, Other
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Ms.Salvatore BRONZE, Surrey, Other
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Be nobody but yourself

Author's note: I have recently become addicted with the tv show " The Vampire Diaries" . which inspired me to write this, i do take some themes from it, but its entirely its own story .

The author's comments:
this is in script form, think of it as an episode, if you like, then comment and review and tell you friends, ill continue the series :)

( january 1995, a young girl laying in bed, blonde pale skin, cradling her baby wrapped in a blanket, seeen talking to an older young appears 80 )

Ana: shes beautiful isn’t she ?

Helena: Yes, she is . How are you gon’na raise her ?

Ana: Like a human ,she must never know about us, or her father . I want her to
lead a normal life .

Helena: You know that will never happen

Ana: ill protect her, ill do everything I can to make sure she does.

Helena: what does Jeremy say about this ?

Ana: Jeremy doesn’t know about my plan , he cant

( the baby looks up at ana, and smiles, anna cradles her baby )

Ana: Arianna Atwood .. Welcome to the world .


(a huge kitchen open space area, with a two women standing in it , eliza (26) tall redhead, and ana(30) blonde and pale)

-cosmic love by Florence and the machine playing in the background-

Eliza: todays the big day , one , six .

Ana: I know,

Eliza: are we going to tell her yet ?

Ana: no , eliza , you know the plan .

Eliza: I am all for the whole “ lead a normal human life” thing, but its boring and
isn’t it her decision to make ?

Ana: shes 16, not 160. Shes too young

Eliza: im still young, 160 and still hot

Ana: did you pick up a cake ?

Eliza: Oh .. Yeah . that’s what I forget

( ana looks around the kitchen, she then snaps her fingers and a cake appears
on the counter )
( a blue and white bedroom with assorted decorations, picture frams of friends and clothes everywhere, aria is franticly looking through her drawer for something, her phone begins to vibrate on the desk, she walks over and answers its)
Aria: hello there stanger
Lena: hello there birthday girl , now it’s the the first day of school and your birthday what are you wearing ?
ON ARIA ( aria standing in the mirror looking at her outfit )
Aria: jeans, cardigan , white tee and some boots
Lena: hair ?
Aria: slicked back in a ponytail
( fixing her makeup in a vanity )
Lena: sounds like your ready, ill see you at school then
( lena hangs up on aria, lena gets up from her vanity and grabs her bag from beside her bed, she looks on her bed which has a spell book on it, she looks away, upset and leaves her bedroom)

-music ends-


(aria walks down the stairs and enters the kitchen)
Ana and Eliza: happy birthday !

Aria: oh my god, you guys didn’t have to !

Eliza: of course we did , its your 16th , it’s a big day and I have a gift for you !

Aria: Oh presents, I love presents .

( Eliza brings into the room a big brown ,musty old looking book )

Aria: wow .. What is this ?

Eliza: its an ancient witches book, I found it and I thought you liked it, since
theres a little witch in all of us

Aria: auntie , this is amazing thank you

(aria opens the book and starts looking through it )

Hey, right here it says property of Athena valtore, isn’t that great great
grandmas name ?

Eliza: well it was -

Ana: ELIZA! Aria, its time for school don’t want to be late on your first day of
school .

Aria: moms right, ill see you guys after school ,

Ana: you still going to that bonfire tonight ?

Aria: yeah .


Ana: listen to me Eliza, if you try and tell her again, I will hide all the blood in this

Eliza: live a little Ana

( Eliza bends down to eat a piece of cake, Ana snaps her fingers, the cake
disappears, she smirks at Eliza then leaves the room, Eliza feels something and
looks out the window, she see nothing and looks away, then a women walks past
the window )


(Aria and her friend a brown skined dark haired girl Lena(16) sitting down at a
table ina busy busling courtyard, teens around are eating talking and laughing, )


Aria: thanks

Lena: so how was your summer ?

Aria: un-eventful, how about yours ?

Lena: summering with my grandma, listening to her ramble on about the old

Aria: witch stories again ?

Lena: no .. vampires .. Ill tell you about it later . But have you heard about the
new kid ?

Aria: new kid ? No

( Lena and aria look over to see a tall, white brown haired greened eye boy
walking across the yard, they don’t see his face, just his back and body )

Lena: Story is, he use to live here when he was younger and his family just
recently moved back to town

(Aria and the new kid have a stare off until he walks into the building )

Aria: really ? Uh . . Ill be back , I forgot something in my locker

Lena: okay ?

(Aria gets up from the table and walks inside)


(Aria goes to locker puts some texts books away .. She looks away, closes her
locker door and the new kid leaning against the one next to her, Aria jumps back
in fear, panting )

Aria: Oh my god, Hi .

( we finally see his face, a sutble beautifuly handsome boy(17) green eyes, dark
brown hair , perfect jawbone strcture )

Evan: Hey, sorry to scare you .

Aria: its okay,

Evan: its just that your on my locker

(Evan point the locker under Aria’s, aria moves over and is not leaning in the
place evan was )

Aria: Oh, im sorry

Evan: no worries .

(Evan bends down to his locker, Aria opens her mouth to say something but the
bell rings, then she leaves to her next class)


(Aria sitting in the back of the classroom, when the Evan the new kid walks in,
aria looks up from her books and stares at him, Evan goes and sits beside her )

Evan: excuse me, what have I missed?

Aria: nothing important , just course outline

Mr. Bateman : are we interrupting you ms.Atwood and Mr. ( looks at attendance
sheet ) Hastings

Evan: no sir, I was just asking ms. Atwood what I have missed.

Mr. Bateman: pro-active, like I was saying we will first cover EE Cummings the
go over to Shake sphere ..

(talking fades outs, aria looks over at Evan whose staring at the board, Evan
looks over at aria and smiles, she quickly looks away )


( the girls are sitting in a booth in a mordern style dinner with boths anc abar
counter, it has uptempo indie music playing in the background, the dinner is
moerdratly packed)

Lena: you had a stare down with hottie new kid Evans ?

Aria: his so serious ..

Lena: seriously, hot .
(aria and lena laught together)
Lena contn’d : anyways, the fall carnival committee needs more members, you in ?

Aria: cant you find anyone else ?

Lena: yes, but id rather spend that time with my best friend then some stranger

(lena gives aria a pouty face, arias face breaks into a smile)
Aria: fine, fine . But you owe me.

Lena: anything

( two boys join the booth, enter the dinner Derek(17) a handsome typical high
school jock and Ben(17) another handsome typical high school jock, they join the
both Lena and aria are sitting at )
Derek: sorry to inturrput

Lena: not interrupting at all

Ben: So ladies, attending the party tonight ?

Lena: of course

Derek: good, see you there Aria?

Aria: yeah, yeah

(the boys leave the table right as Evan enter the dinner with another girl, Skylar
(19) short curly hair blonde, with blue eyes. Malibu Barbie type, he looks around
and looks at aria, him and the girl sit down at the booth next to them, Evan
leaves then walks up to the bar )

Aria: whose the girl , his with ?

Lena: No idea, girlfriend ?

(Aria shrugs, walks up to the bar next to Evan )

Aria: hey, I didn’t get to introduce myself earlier, I’m Arianne Atwood , but you
can call me Aria

Evan: Evan Hastings,

Aria: I know, we have English together

Evan: and chemistry .
(aria nervous)
Aria: so a bunch of us are having a party tonight and I know you’re new,
everyone goanna to be there, its down at the creek, you can even bring your
girlfriend .
(aria looks over to evans booth and stares at skylar pulling with her hair)
Evan: okay, thanks. Hopefully ill see you there

(aria smiles and turns around to head back to her booth )

Evan: hey ! ( aria turns around) that’s not my girlfriend, she’s my stepsister . (
aria continue to look at him and continue her way back to her booth , Evan gets
two drinks and returns back to his booth he hands one over to skylar )

Skylar: she’s pretty , who is she ?

Evan: Arianne Atwood

( aria and Lena get up and leave the dinner , Evan watches her leave )

Skylar: Atwood ? You know who her father is right ?

Evan: im aware Sky,

Skylar: so are you going to go tonight ?

Evan: yeah , I think I am .

Skylar:*rolls eyes* you‘re a fool

Evan: don’t be jealous , just because you weren’t invited

(skylar takes a sip of her drink)
Skylar: now, evan . No one likes a liar, we both heard aria say that I was invited*pause* but fortunate for you, I have better things to do .

Evan: im sure, you do . Being a vengeful b****, must be time consuming

(skylar takes another sip of her drink, she crooks her neck and smirks at evan, then giving him a look of disgust, she then reach for her fork and stabs evan in the hand with him, evan whinse in pain, skylar grabs her purse and get up from the table, walking over to evan , bending down to whipser in his ear )

Skylar: have fun with that one evan

(we get the vibe that there is some sibling rivalry/jealous/amoniesty / strange love coming from skylar and evan . evan rips the fork out of his hand, he is bleeding, but we see that it begins to heal quietly, un humanly . Skylar then storms out of the dinner, leaving evan alone , he looks out the booth window)


( the inside of a musty old factory which seems to be some peopls homes two
old women and young teen are in rags laying around on a couch , ones reading
a spell book)

Evenly: did she see you ?

Alexia: of course not, she doesn’t suspect a thing, nor does Eliza or Ana .

Evenly: good , lets keep it that way . We don’t want the plan unraveling before
we even set it n motion .

Alexia: I don’t even get where that little brat comes into the plan, shes 16 , shes
no match for us .

Evenly : shes an Atwood, and we all know what she is .

Alexia: yes I know, but that girl does not have one un-ordinary quality about her .
She scream human .

Evenly: for now she I, go out and get the job done . Do not fail, Alexia . She’ll kill us both

Alexia: I know .
( alexia then super speeds out the factory)


( a bunch of teenagers are drinking and dancing around a bonfire, near a river .
A large group of girls including aria and lena are standing around talking , Aria
looking around the area )

Carrie: Aria, hey
( a blonde haired girl walks up to aria and gives her a hug )
Aria: Carrie,when did you get back in town ?

Carrie: about two hours ago, I wasn’t about to miss the back to school bash .

Lena: that’s the carrie we know, *pause* its our grade eleven year, you guys. This is gonna be some year, I can feel it

(Derek walks up to Aria and offers her a red cup )

Derek: drink ?

Aria: why not

(aria talks the cup from dr=erek and takes a swing)

Derek: time to talk ?

(aria looks around again, )

Aria: yeah , of course

( aria and Derek head off down the path, Alexias watching them, hidden in the
Derek: so where have you been all summer ? Ive barely heard from you .

Aria: I was uhm, pre-occupied with family stuff , didn’t really get to go out much .

Derek: bummer, how is your family ?

Aria: we’re doing good, thanks . Hows your brother ?

Derek: still a mess, but his getting better .

Aria: that’s good

(they continue down the path in silence)

Aria: Derek, I love the small talk but why did you ask me to walk with you ?

Derek: didn’t know I was so transparent, before summer started you know, we
were … I missed you over summer and when I saw you today , I don’t know I just
thought …

Aria: Derek , Im flattered but I just cant see us that way, ive known you since we
were both in diapers, youre like my brother .. I cant go …I’m sorry .

Derek: hey, hey . Its okay, no reason to apologize, im just gonna go back to the

(Derek starts walking away leaving Aria alone)

Aria: Derek wait ! -

( aria hears a whosshing noise, she looks around to see no one, alexia then
appears behind her, she opens her mouth and you see her fangs, she bites
down on arias neck quickly, then use VAMP speed to leave. Aria jumps in fear,
by being bitten by something, she puts her hand to her neck and sees blood,
shes wipes it on her sweater and walks back to the party, we then see Alexia in
the woods blood on her fangs watchin aria walk back to the party, she then races
off . As Aria reaches the party , holding her neck not paying attention to her
surroundings she bumps into evan )
Evan: hey, I was just looking for you

Aria: you were ?

Evan: yeah, I know no one else here.

Aria: right, ( whinses in pain )

Evan: hey, are you all right ?

(aria grabs her neck) aria: yeah, just got bit by something, just alittle blood ( looks
at her hand with blood on it, evan backs away )

Evan: bitten by something ?

Aria: yeah , like a bug or owl .. ( whisne in pain again ) I hate to leave once we
start talking, but I think im just gonna go walk home.

Evan: oh okay, I can drive you if you want .

Aria: oh no no, that’s okay I only live a few blocks from here, its fine

( aria now grasping her neck starts to walk around leaving evan alone, she then
turns around)

Aria: you can walk me , if you want

Evan: yeah

( aria and evan head out of the party down a street )


( aria and evan walk down the street passing house, it’s a small quaint town,
nothing special , the streets are welly light, bu dmmed street lights)

-the sound of settling by death cab for cutie playing in the background-

Aria; so how are you liking millers creek so far ?

Evan: it’s the exact same as I remember it.

Aria: right, you lived here before

Evan: I don’t remember saying that

Aria: oh- I, uh , I just heard, small town, talk gets around fast .

Evan: aha, yeah I did I was born here, we moved to boston when I was 6 .

Aria: and just decided to re locate here again ?

Evan: we have roots here, My father and I love this town .

Aria: that makes one of us, I cant wait to leave this town, and see whats in the
real world .

Evan: trust me, not a lot.

Aria: that’s a little discouraging .

Evan: sorry .

( they continue down the street untill they reach a cute white picket fence cottage
house )

Aria: so this me ( points to her house ) thanks for walking me home, Evan .

Evan: anytime .

( aria walks up her driveway and evan continues down the street)

Aria: wait, the party is back that way ( point to the opposite direction)

Evan: I know, but I live two blocks away at the old Wellington estate.

Aria: so youre the family that brought that ?

Evan: more like inherited . Step Moms family estate .

Aria: oh,

Evan: yeah, so I’ll see you tomorrow ?

Aria: tomorrow?

Evan: school ?

Aria: OH, yeah . Yeah school, *pause* cool.

Evan: school *pause* Cool

- music ends-

(evan smiles at aria and walks down the street then turns, aria then walks up her
drive up to her door , shes digging in her purse for her keys when she hears
something, a whoosing noisem she looks around the house and enters)


(ana and Eliza are sitting in the living watching tv)

Ana: hey, come in here .how was the party ?

(aria enters the living room)

Aria: it was good, really good.

Eliza: really good , eh ? You met a boy didn’t you

(aria starts to blush)

Eliza; oh my god, you did ! Whats his name ? is he cute ?

Aria: evan hastings and his not cute, more like stunningly handsome

Ana: Evan what?

Aria: hastings,

(ana and eliza exhange a worried look with each other, aria notcied it)

Aria: whats that look for ?

( aria neck then starts bleeding , noticeable)

Ana: Aria, what happened to you ?

(aria backs away and touches her neck in pain )

Aria: nothing mom , I just scraped it on a branch, me being ditzy

(eliza gives aria a strange look)

Aria: can we talk about tonight in the morning? Im tired and I have a headache.

Ana: yeah, of course. Good night love

Aria: good night .( aria leaves the living room )

Eliza: the hastings are back in town and that only means one thing

Ana: no .. it cant .

(evans on his computer looking stuff up listening to music, a darkly dimmed room with band poster all around, moderately sized skylar then enters the room and sits on the bed )
Skylar: have a good time tonight brother?

(evan spins around in his chair)
Evan: what do you want Sky?

Skylar: do you really think so low of me, that I must want something from you to
strike up a conversation?

(skylar gets up from his bed and walks around his room to his bookstand
running her fingers through the spins of the books)

Skylar conti’d : I just wanted to see how your night went , tis all

Evan: my night was good,

(pulls out alice and wonderland the book from the stand, begins to flip through the book)

Skylar: were you with her ?

Evan: see, I knew it. Theres always something with you

(evan gets up from his chair , grabs the book from skylar and returns it to the
stand, walks over to the door, and jestures her out )

Evan: get out sky ,

(Skylar looks at evan with despair , but then superspeeds over to him . She strangles
him with her hands and pins him against the wall, catching him off guard, she
growls at him ,revealing her fangs and dialted pupils, she crooks her head side
ways, looking at evan with curiousty

Skylar: do not forget that I will snap you neck, *pause* with ease . *pause*don’t test me, evan .*pause*

(skylar lets go on evan, her pupils retact to normal size and her fangs go back in,
she then brushed her self off and gains her composure )

Evan: don’t test me Skylar, do not forget that I will tell my dad exactly what you

(skylar pretends to look scared, but wipes it off with a smirk)

Skylar: oh daddy, what does one say about a hunter when they have a vampires
living in their house under there nose ?

Skylar gives evan a smirk, walks right up to his face )

Skylar contin’d: Not much

( shes drags her hand across evans face then exits his room, evan watches her
leave and sighs against his door, he then shuts it )


(arias sleeping in bed, shifting and turning and tossing in bed, shes breaking out
in a sweat and shes whinsing in her sleep, arias having a nightmare)


( Arias wearing a white dress walking around the woods, she looks lost, she sees
a couple camping, she walks up to the them and they seem scared yyou can see
the fear in their eyes,, she walks closer to them )

Aria: im hungry

( the campers reach out to her and try to pass her bread, aria knocks the bread
out of their hand and bites into their neck, the campers are screaming while aria
feeds , she finishes draining the first camper and throws him on the ground, the
second camper then stakes her in the heart in which she walks up from her
Dream, aria awakens gasping for air, covered in sweat, so looks around her room, shes looks scared and confused , she feels her neck and whinses, she lays back in bed, adjusting herself, then goes back to sleep)

(aria alarm clocks goes off, she hit’s the snooze button, she rolls herself over on her back and stares at the ceiling for awhile, she then gets out of bed and walks over to her vanity, she stares at her self in the mirror . She looks in it as though she doesn’t even recongize whose looking back at her, she moves her hair from the side of her neck to reveal two bite marks on her neck, she touches it . She grabs her coverup from her vanity stand and begins to put it on her neck, she finishes then walks into her bathroom)
(Ana’s cooking breakfast on the stove, as eliza sitting on a stool around the island reading a magazine drinking what appears a cup of blood)

Eliza: ana, I can feel your worrying, so stop it. Youre giving me wrinkles

(Ana turns around and brings the bacon pan to the island and drops al lthe bacon on a plate then returns the pan back to the stove, she walks back the isladn and leans against the countertop)
Ana: why are the hastings back in town ?

Eliza: maybe they missed this place

Ana: please, Brady hated this town

Eliza: and we know why, but their not around anymore, maybe he did just come back for fun, after all theres a lot in this town, im sure he missed
(Eliza finally looks up from her magazine and gives ana a smirk suggesting that her and brady had a past)
Eliza conti’d: ana, maybe its time we prepared aria, just incase brady isn’t back in town just for fun

(Ana looks at eliza with a look of agreement just as Aria enters the kitchen with a scarf around her neck hidding her bite marks, she walks over to the cupboard and pours out a bowl of cheerios, then sits beside Eliza and pour milk into her bowl and begins to eat)

Eliza: rager last night ?

Aria: no, just a pounding headache .
(aria stares at spell book that’s sitting in front of her on the counter, shes wondering how it got there, eliza notices aria staring at it)

Eliza: have you look through it yet ?

Aria: no, not yet .

Eliza: why don’t we then ?
(eliza reaches over and grabs the spell book and puts it in front of her and aria, she opens it looking for a specific page, she finds it and her eyes widen with excitement)
Eliza: read this

(aria peers over into the book)
Aria: etsy ona may, conmah .
( as aria says the spell a wind begins to flow through the house, and arias cheerios begin to raise up from her bowl, aria starled jumps back a lot, but then stares in awe at what she has done . The cheerios then fall back into the bowl and the rush of wind leaves, aria panting with happy looks at her aunt and her mother surprised)

Eliza: like I said, theres a little witch in all of us
(eliza winks at aria , grabs her bag off the chair and heads towards the door)

Ana: where are you heading ?

Eliza: I have facts to find out Ana, im off for the day, don’t wait up
(Eliza then exit’s the house leaving aria still astonished at the counter and ana still leanign against the stove alone)

Aria: did I do that ?

Ana: yes

Aria: how ?

Ana: because essential you’re a Valtore woman and we’re witches, dating back to the 18th hundreds, a bloodline of pure witchcraft in miller creek .

Aria: what ?

Ana: remember when you were younger and whenever you got mad, strange things would happen, like door slamming or fires starting ? Or whenever you wanted something that you couldn’t have, somehow it would magically appear ? It wasn’t just conciedence , it was your powers . And being a valtore witch, makes your powers *pause* strong .

Aria: so youre saying that your side of the family is a line of powerful witches ?

Ana: yes

(aria looks ecstatic)

Aria: so youre saying im a witch ?

Ana: yes

Aria: that is so cool , omg . So do I get to like a ride a broom stick and use a cauldron ?

Ana: okay first, don’t rely on fictional stories or movies to tell you what we do .
We do not fly on broomsticks , but we do use cauldrons . But honey, how are you feeling ?

(aria jumps out of her seat and grabs her bag)

Aria: feeling ? Im feeling great, I just found out that im a witch, one of my favourite folktale character . I want to learn everything about our family, the history, the spells, everything .
(aria gives ana a bright huge smile, ana walks from the stove and gives her daughter a hug, ANGLE on the back of aria showing anas face which is happy, but worried as he pats he daughters head, aria parts from her mother and leaves the house)

(aria has her headphones in and is walking down the street, in the small town passing by stores and the dinner beautiful day out, birds are chirping, she stops in her tracks, looking suspicious and turns around to see no one she comes walk, a build up of suspense , some one tapes her on the shoulder and she turns around elbowing them in the ribs, turns out to only be evan, evan crunches down in pain, aria goes to aid him, she takes her headphones out)
Aria: evan, im so sorry.

-slow hands by Interpol playing in the background-

Evan: its okay, its just my ribs

(aria is nervous and stammers her words)
Aria: I just , I felt someone behind me earlier and I thought it was some creep and then you creeped behind me and I freaked out

(evan stands up properly)
Evan: aria, its okay

(aria looks relieved, they continue walking together
Aria:so was that you behind me earlier ?

Evan: no, I was just coming out of the dinner and saw you .

Aria: weird …

Evan: why so jumpy ?

Aria: I just found some stuff out about my family

(evan looks concerned)
Evan: good or bad stuff ?

Aria; uhm both, I guess . Depends on how you take it

(Evan nods)

Aria: so wheres your sister ?

Evan: shes graudated

Aria: oh , she just looks our age

Evan: she ages gracefully

( aria sneaks a look at him and nods with a smile, she tucks her hair behind her ear, they reach the school yard)

-music ends-

( aria and even reach the school grounds the minute they do, lena rushes up to them)
Lena: aria, stranger

Aria: Lena, youre more preppier then usual

Lena: cheerleading tryouts are today, that’s why

Aria: oh, uh - I completely forgot , I didn’t even bring my stuff

Lena: don’t worry I brought extra its in my locker
(lena leaves them ,jesturing aria to follow her, aria looks back and evan)

Aria: shes presistant, *pause* thanks for walking with me to school .

(evan nods)
Evan: no problem

(aria begins to walk away trailing after lena, evan calls after her)

Evan: ARIA !

(aria turns around to look at evan)
Evan: want to go to the dinner after school, well after your tryouts?

(aria looks surprised and nods)
Aria: yeah, sure.
(aria then walks away trying to catch up with lena, evan walks away in the other directions)

(eliza’s sitting at booth by herself stirring a drink, she is clearly waiting for someone when a handsome older man wearing a tighly fitted suit(35) tall dark and hansome enters the dinner, he looks at eliza and nods his head, he walks over to her and sits in the booth, they stare at each other for a mintue , you can feel the tensions, he then breaks it with a smile)

Brady: eliza .. You don’t look a day past hundred

(eliza smirks and sighs)
Eliza: you don’t look like a asshole, but looks are deceiving
(eliza takes a sip out of her drink and waitress comes by)

Waitress: can I get you anything ?

Brady: bourdon, double shot .
(the waitress nods then leaves)
Brady: you called me here eliza, you obviously want something

Eliza: what I want, is an explantion. Why are you back in town ?

(brady looks hurt at this question, but that’s quickly erased with a smug look)
Brady: I simply love this town , and my wife inherited the Wellington estate . Seemed like a perfect time to come back.

(eliza scoffs)
Eliza: we both know that isn’t the real reason

Brady: I know what youre thinking , and I cant say that youre wrong .

Eliza: how do you know ?

Brady: I cant say that either,
(brady gets up from the booth and adjusts his suit)
Brady: what I can say that is, I have a reliable source and this town maybe returning to the way it was before I left, infested .

(eliza looks angry, her fangs come out)
Eliza: sit down , brady .

(brady leans down on the table, not afraid of her )
Brady: ah, ah, ah, id retract those if I was you Elizabeth, Do remember .
(brady smiles smugly and eliza retracts her fangs)
Brady: none to worry, I still uphold our deal as long as you do your part, your family is safe, the few you do have

(eliza shakes her head in anger, as the waitress comes back with bradys drink, he takes a sip out of it)

Brady: now id stay and finish my drink, but I have business to attend to.
(brady pulls out his wallet and drops a ten on the table)
Brady: Tell Ana, I said hi .

(brady exit’s the bar leaving eliza alone, confusion on her face)

( a bunch of girls in athletic wear are stretching , warming up for a cheerleading tryout, aria enters the gym and walks over to lena who is stretching )
Aria: why are we doing this again ?

Lena: because we deserve to be on the squad and that little preppy blonde skank, is not gonna get in my way to be social chair

(mocking tone)
Aria: so what ? You plan on taking her down from the inside ?

Lena: Exactly !

Aria: I was joking , Lena

Lena: I wasn’t, I told you this is our year

Aria: you’re crazy
(we hear a scream in the background , aria looks over and sees a girl on the ground, leg cut open, arias breathing gets heavy, she then gets a pounding in her head, she falls on the ground in pain, lena rushes to her aid, scared what to do)
Lena: aria, aria,

(aria screaming in pain, rolling around. Holding her head in pain,shes hiding her face, she looks up and her pupils are dilated along with her fangs are out again, arias panting and looks over at the girls bleeding leg, a burning sensation is in her throat, lean sees her face, scared and shocked jumps away)
lena stammering, scared)
Lena: aria … your face.. Your eyes ..

(aria feels what she has become, she gets up hiding her face and runs away)

(lena calling after her)
Lena: aria ! Aria ! Aria !


-Pioneers by the bloc party playing in the background-

(evan sitting at a booth alone, looking at watch, his clearly waiting for aria who must be late, he takes a sip out of his drink, when lena enters the bar, she notices him sitting alone and sit down withh im at the booth)

Lena: eating dinner alone ?
Evan: no , I was actually waiting for aria

(lena looks sympathic, she doesn’t know if she should tell evan what she saw with aria or cover up for her best, since she doesn’t even know what she saw)
Lena: oh evan, she must’ve forgot to call. She got really sick during cheer tryouts and went home.

Evan: is she okay ?

Lena: there was vomit, it was gross, but I think its just a 24 hour flu .

Evan: oh, okay . Good, I was starting to think something happened to her.

(lena leans into the table closer towards evan)
Lena: this wasn’t a friendly meeting between you two, was it ?

Evan: it was just a hang out .

( lena leans back in the booth and grins at evan, she knows evan likes her and evan know she does to, but he doesn’t draw attention to it, lena gets up from the table)
Lena: don’t worry, new boy. Secrets safe with me

( lena then exit’s the dinner ANGLE on evan, who unknowingly has skylar standing behind him)

Skylar: Looks like you got stood up

(Evan turns around not knowing who it is, then see that its skylar and face drops in disgust and turns around)
Evan: you obviously heard what Lena said

(skylar walks around and sit where lena was sitting, using her mocking voice)
Skylar: its just a 24 hour flu ( pretends to vomit) you really believe that ?

(evans face looks weariy , his thinking of if it is a lie or not )

Skylar: see that’s the thing about you brother, you’re too trusting .. And you obviously have no taste in women .

Evan: why are you here Sky ?

Skylar: because unlike you, I actually have a date . Here he is, actually .

( Derek enters the dinner and see skylar, skylar gets up and kiss Derek, Derek puts his arm around skylar)
Skylar: Derek, meet my brother Evan .

Derek: hey bro,

(evan rolls his eyes as skylar and Derek go back to kissing)

-music ends-

( anas sitting at the island eating a salad reading a book, ana waves her hand over the book and the page turns. when eliza enters the house furious , throws her stuff on the counter )

(not looking up from her book)
Ana: you’re ruining my mood, eliza.

Eliza: brady said hi

(ana looks up from her book and closes it)
Ana: you talked to brady ?

Eliza: yeah, and he called the town “infested”

Ana: infested .. ? As in ..

Eliza: as in, some new vampire are in miller creek .

Ana: how does brady know ?

Eliza: a reliable source
(eliza goes into the cupboard and pour herself a glass of bourbon, eliza staring in the glass continues)

Ana: should we be worried ?

Eliza: no , of course not. Brady made a deal with alden and me and he would never harm you . *pause*(takes a drink) I wonder if his son up to something

Ana: just because he made friends with aria doesn’t mean brady made him

Eliza: Ana, when will you clue in ? Brady is not a good guy, maybe he was when you were 15 but he hasn’t that way in a long time .

(Ana’s flustered and doesn’t know what to say)
Ana: have you seen aria ?

Eliza: No, but I can hear her upstairs , rustling in her bed .
Ana: shes been acting weird, she was overly excited when I told her about being a witch and then when she came home, she rushed upstairs into her room. I sense somethings off with her.

Eliza: shes a teenage girl, who just found out shes a witch , cut her some slack .

Ana: cut brady some slack .

(Eliza gives ana the evil eye, hurt that she would even say that)
Eliza: we should’ve killed him when we had the chance
(eliza downs her drink and walks up stairs, leaving ana alone in the kitchen, confusion on her face, flustered)


(arias sleeping in bed, shifting and turning and tossing in bed, shes breaking out
in a sweat and shes whinsing in her sleep, arias having the same nightmare she had the night before only different)


( Arias wearing a white dress walking around the woods, she looks lost, she sees
a couple camping, she walks up to the them and they seem scared yyou can see
the fear in their eyes,, she walks closer to them )

Aria: im hungry

( the campers reach out to her and try to pass her bread, aria knocks the bread
out of their hand , Eliza appears behind her in vampire form, dilated pupils and fangs, she whispers in arias ear
Eliza: do it, you know you want too, too stop that burning in your throat to end those knots in your stomach, all you have to do is take one.. Bite ..
(Aria bites into their neck, the campers are screaming while aria
feeds , she finishes draining the first camper and throws him on the ground, the
second camper turns into evan, arias hurt and confused
Aria: evan ?
(evan then stakes her in the heart in which she walks up from her
Dream, aria awakens from her dream covered in sweat)
(Aria screaming while gasping for air)


( eliza and ana rush into her room , they see arias face has changed, her pupils
are fully dilated and she now has a set of fangs)

Eliza: she turned .. But how !?

Ana: eliza, go get her blood.

( aaria gets out of bed but falls onto the ground in pain, Ana rushes to her aid)

Aria: (screaming in pain) Make it stop, mom. Make it stop, please. My head is
pounding . ( screaming in pain, begins to roll around on the floor In pain . Eliza
comes back in the room with a cup of blood )

Eliza: aria, honey listen to me . Drink this, the pounding will stop eventually , this
will help faster the process

( aria looks at eliza in pain, she takes the cup and drinks it , her rolling stop and
screaming, her pupils un dialted and you se her eyes go back to normal the
veins swell back in and her fangs retract )

Aria: what was that ? Does that happen all the time to witches ?

Eliza: ana, its time to tell her

Aria: tell me what !? Whats going on .. Whats happening to me ?
(Eliza looks at aria and gently touches her face, you can see the sympathy in elizas eyes, ANGLE ON ARIA, you can see how scared she is)
Eliza: aria .. Honey .. you’re a vampire

Aria: I’m a ..
(aria starts panting , her eyes roll back in her head and then she faints , screen fades black )


(aria awakens on the couch wrapped in a blanket, shes gasps for air, confusion on her face while ana and eliza stand up pacing back in forth in the room, worried looks on their faces, aria holds her head, believing that she has a headache)
Ana: do you remember what happened ?

Aria: uhh … I had a dream .. And there was screaming and then I drank something .. And then auntie told me I was a ..
(aria remembers what her aunt told her, but is afraid to say it outloud)

Eliza: vampire, because you turned into one

Aria: no , no im not, im a witch . I cant just turn into a vampire

Eliza: well technically you were already a vampire, you just turned into one.

Aria: I don’t get it, if I was already a vampire, then why didn’t this all happen
before ?

Eliza: you are a born vampire, its in your blood, its in your genes. It just need to be activated. Which would be by, drinking someones blood or getting bitten .Unlike the usual process which I went through .. I just don’t know what started your transition

Ana: wait, let me see you neck

( aria shows ana her neck )

Eliza: I take that back, explains her transformation. Now I just don’t know who bit you

Aria: I don’t get it, you just tell me this that im a witch, and now youre telling me a vampire ?
( you can see the look of frustrated and confusion on arias face, ana sits down
on the couch beside with a calm look on her face )

Ana: do you remember when you were little, and I use to tell you the story of a
young witch and a young vampire falling in love ?

Aria: Yeah, it was my favourite bedtime story, why ?

Ana: its not a bedtime,

Aria: (confused) I don’t follow

Ana: it’s the story of me and your father

Aria: oh my god ..( on the brink of tears ) So what, im both ? Im a vitch ?

Eliza: clever, but no actually, we use the term hybrids, halfbread,

Aria: so im not human ?

Ana: well no you are, essentials witches are human. So youre half witch half vampire

Aria: how is this even possible to be both ?

Eliza: well since you were a born vampire, You had the choice to become if you ever wanted to ,the choice which was taken from you . And you’ve always had witch powers , you just have never be taught to use them . But they were always there

Ana: I never wanted you to become a vampire, that’s why I never told you and instead I started teaching you how to use your powers, I wanted you to live the closet thing to a normal life as you could

Eliza: hey, im a vampire and I never wanted you to become a vampire

( aria nods, finally looking as though she understand what her mother and aunt
are telling her, she sits up on the couch)

Aria: how many other vampires are there in this town

Eliza: a few familys are, none that pray on human though, so I cant imagine who
bit you .

Aria: and what about witches ?

Ana: quite a few familys too, were all in a tight knit circle . The arrows, the
turnbluts, the shardons, the marions .

Aria: lenas family .. ?

Ana: yes, I don’t know, if they’ve trained her, but her familys bloodline
is witch

Aria: so the spell book , auntie gave me earlier, that was great great grandmas

Ana: yes, it was property of Athena valtore

(aria just stares at them in silence, letting her furture sink in )

Aria: I want to know everything.

Eliza: with time, we cant just explain everything now. Your head will explode .

Aria: what about alden, I mean dad ?

Ana:your father

Eliza: my brother

-shelter by birdy playing in the background-

Ana: was forced to leave before you were born, witches and vampires are
enemines by nature . Falling in love was out of the question, having a child
together, was absolutely forbidden, for the reason that we’d have a hybrid as a child .
Aria: whats so bad about hybrids ?

Ana: its unbalanced to have so much power, so to say . And since vampiress hate witches and witches hate vampires, its considered a sin against nature to be both. witches have been trying for centries to get rid of vampires, since the beginning of time.

Eliza: Just like how humans have a government who they listen to Vampires have people they have listen too , like a court. A court of original
vampires, once they found about your parents ,

Ana: it was either we end the relationship and part or they kill us both . At the
time , I had just told your father I was pregnant with you and he wasn’t about to
let us die, so he struck up a deal . If he left town and was not to contact with me
again, they would let us live . Of course if they had known I was pregnant, they
would’ve killed us on the spot .

( a tears rolls down arias face, shes shakes her head as though she has heard enough )

Aria: im done for tonight, (biting her lip , holding back her sobbing)
im going to bed

(aria gets up from the couch)

Ana: Aria -

Aria: no mom, I’ve heard enough.

( Aria turns over tears silently falling down from her face, she walks up the stairs , She climbs into her bed, bawling her eyes out, she grabs onto her stuffy and holds it tight, while she cries)
(Camera goes toAna and Eliza sitting on the couch looking hurt, they don’t know
what to do ,they sit in silence, PANE OVER TO THE WINDOW , where we see alexia standing watching she then rushes away, Eliza then stands up in a hurry and rushes to the window, she felt alexias presence .shes peers through the window )

Eliza: I need to go see my mother

-music ends-

( evenly is laying on the couch with the spell book in her lap when Alexia rushes in to the factory, evenly sits up )
Alexia: it happened, just liked we planned

Evenly: perfect, its only a matter of time before that brady character finds out about her,

Alexia: Am I done here mother ? This town is a bore ‘

Evenly: no you are not.

(alexia outraged)
Alexia: what else do I have to do ? I bit her and turned her just like that witch asked

(evenly stand up and walks over to her daughter , it is clear that she is weak)
Evenly: you will do whatever she asks of you, shes the reason you and I are both standing here
(evenly then walks away from alexia, she continues)
Evenly: she has more jobs for you, you must go feed on people, publicly . And hurry on back, ( evenly turns around ) because we have to sign you up for high school

(Alexia stares at her mother, outraged, but obidently does what she is told, she then races out the factory leaving her mother alone )

( evan walks up aria driveway and stand on her porch, he nervous you can tell and is anxious, he finally works up enough courage to knock on her door, he waits for it, ANGLE ON THE DOOR, Aria answers the door in a green fuzzy housecoat, looking like a sick mess, hair on the top of her haid in a bun sipping out of a big white mug, she sees that its evan and screams and slams the door on this face, shes put her back against the door panting, thinking of what to do . She gains her composure and opens the door again, evan looks at her hurt and surprised)
Aria: hi

Evan: hi, im sorry to show up out of the blue, I clearly scared you . I just wanted to check to see if youre okay

(aria looks confused)
Aria: if im okay ?

Evan: yeah, lena said you had got the 24 hour flu. *pause* don’t worry, I don’t hold it against you for standing me up

(aria realized that’s lena covered for her and that she stood evan up, she decides to play along)
Aria: it was so bad and out of nowhere, im sorry for stand you up I would’ve called, but I was kinda busy you know .. Vomiting .

Evan: hey, as long as you feel good now
Aria: yeah , I do . Still a little iffy, but better. Thank you
(evan sighs and has ran out of things to say, aria recognizes this
Aria: rain check ?
( aria flashes her bright big smile and catches evan off guard)

Evan: yeah, id like that .

Aria: do you want to come in ? we can have that rain check now.

Evan: sure

(aria moves aside and lets evan in, her stares around the house, looking at her baby pictures and such)

Aria: uh, you can just sit at the island , im just gonna change .

(evan nodds and sits down at the island , aria then runs upstairs as she does, she catches eliza going down)
Aria: do you remember the boy I was telling you about ?

Eliza: the hastings boy ?

Aria: yeah, him . His the kitchen , entertain him while I go to change please
(aria gives eliza a pouty face, elize then thinks this is a perfect opportunity to find some answers so she nods and caves in, aria continues up the stairs while eliza glides into the kitchen , so goes to the coffee machine and pour herself a cup and posts herself against the countertop, evan gets up to go introduce himself, she puts her hand out to stop him)

Eliza: no need to get up, I know who you are.
(evan sits back down and eliza goes and sits across from him at the island)
Eliza: Elizabeth Atwood

Evan: nice to meet you, you’re Arias mother ?

Eliza: oh god no, her aunt .*pause* so evan, your father is brady hasting, correct?

Evan: yeah, do you know him ?

Eliza: we’re aquanited , we went to high school together

Evan: Oh … cool
(eliza takes a sip of her coffee and smiles at evan)
Eliza: whose your mother evan, I don’t remember your father ever seriously dating someone around here
Evan: Caroline Woods, but she pasted away when I still young

(eliza eyes widen to hearing evans mothers name, she knows who caroline is . She hides this fact from evan and shows remorse that he has no mother)
Eliza: im sorry to hear that
(eliza then stares into evans eyes trying to mind control him to find out the real reason him and his father are in town, she tries and then figures out she cant, making her confused as ever, also making her realize evan is a vampire as well)
Eliza: you seem like a good kid evan, but I know your family and I know your father, and the apple only falls so far from the tree

( evan nodds his head respecting her words, as though he has heard them before)
Evan: tell aria, ill see at her school on Monday, it was nice to meet you eliza .
(evan gets up from his seat and walks over to the door, eliza follows him and stand in the doorway)

(evan looks confused, but decides listen , evan gets up from his seat and walks over to the door, eliza follows him and stand in the doorway)
Eliza: tell your father I said hi,

( evan leaves the house , just as eliza shuts the front door . Aria comes down the stair, confused )
Aria: where did evan go ?

Eliza: he father called and wanted him home, he said to rain check and to see you on Monday .

(aria looks confused and angry)
Aria: what did you say to him ?

(eliza just stares at aria, giving her the “im your elder , respect me look”)
Eliza: be careful around that boy, aria.

Aria: whats that suppose to mean ?

Eliza: it means, be careful. You though you were human and you turned out to be a vampire and witch, things arnt always what they seem .

(aria gives eliza a confused, not understand look, she scoffs then heads back up stairs while Ana is coming down, she walks up to the counter top and looks at eliza confused)

Eliza: why does everyone keep giving me that look ?

Ana: whats wrong with her ?
Eliza: I sent her vampire boy toy packing and she was unhappy .

Ana: vampire boy toy ?

Eliza: evan hastings .

Ana: that’s impossible, brady would never ..

Eliza: his mother is caroline woods, who if I remember correctly was turned, and I do remember, because I was the one who did .

Ana: so his a born half vampire ?

Eliza: so I thought, untill I tried to mind control him and it didn’t work.

Ana: still seems impossible, wouldn’t brady know ?

Eliza: it wouldn’t be the first time, brady was wrong about who supernatural and whose not . Aria needs to be careful around that family, atleast untill I found out whats really going on

Ana: you don’t think he really is one do you ?

(Eliza opens her mouth to say something, but her vampire hearing pick something up instead , shes rushes over to the living and turns up the volume on the tv, it’s a new broadcasting of a murders, a women stand in front of a cabin in the woods)

Woman on tv: earlier this morning a couple was hiking through the woods when they discovered four bodies, the reason of death as from the cornoers office is unknown, they are leaning towards an animal attack considering the bite marks and wounds on the people, the species is yet to be identified . The mayor and police tell us not to be alarmed, it is cougar season in the woods and to just be prepared and ready if you plan on going in this woods in the next few months, we mourn this losses with sympathy in our hearts .

(eliza looks over at ana, them both realizing what they have happening in their town)

Eliza: yeah, I really do this he is . And with current events I think there are more .


-inscape by stateless playing in the background-

( evan walks into his dads office and leans against the doorframe where brady is working on some paper work)
Evan: dad ?

Brady: evan , what can I do for you ?
Evan: I was just wondering, how do you know the Atwoods ?

(brady looks up from his paper work, concerned on what his sons questioning him about, he sits back calmly in his chair to hide his fear)

Brady: we all went to school together, why ?

Evan: so you know Elizabeth Atwood

Brady: yes, how do you ?

Evan: I spoke to her today, shes uh my friends aunt . Arianna Atwood

(brady eyes widen to hear ariannas name, he was unaware ana and alden ever had a child, he knows of what she is , brady goes back to his paper work)

Brady: arianna? that’s ana’s daughter . So you two are school friends ?

Evan: yeah, we are .

Brady: well if shes anything like her mother, you’re very lucky to have met someone like her
(brady looks up from his paper work and smiles at his son)
Brady: is that all evan ?

Evan: yeah, dad.

(evan leaves his fathers office, as soon as her does brady gets up and shuts the door, he goes to his bookstand and looks for a specific book, he pulls it out and it reveals the bookstand is actually a hiding space, he turns on the light in the room and it reveals that it’s a storage of wooden stakes and spears, cross bows and silver daggers, and vials of a yellow substance , a room with everything to kill a vampire, he picks up a stake and close the door , head back to his desk and puts the stake in a drawer , he sits down in his chair and looks down at his ring on his finger, he looks outside to see the sun and continues with his paper work)

(skylar was inside his room waiting for evan, she drinking from somebody’s body , she looks up at evan , pupils dilated and fangs out , blood dripping off of her ching , she wipes her mouth, she pull the girl towards evan)
Skylar: want a bite, she taste delicious
(skylar smells the girl open wounds and licks them, then smiles at evan)
Skylar: one taste wont kill you evan, your such a stick in the water

Evan: get her out of here now, Skylar .
(evan gives skylar a very seriously look, his clearly fed up, skylar grabs the body and goes towards the window about to jump)

Skylar: I was just trying to be nice, and share .
(skylar bites down into the girls neck again and begins to feed)

Evan: I don’t want your slopply seconds

Skylar: to a vampire , it doesn’t matter where its from , aslong as its blood.
(skylar then jumps out the window, leaving evan alone, he jumps onto his bed and looks outside, looking as though his contemplating his life)

(aria is sitting at a table alone, working in a textbook, clearly doing homework, she looks outside to the sun setting and the street lights going on , she looks up in front of her and there appears evan)

Evan: hey

Aria: hey

Evan: im not inturrpting am I ?

Aria: no, not at all . Actually, right nows a good time for that rain check

Evan: can I cash that in now ?

(aria pretends to rip up a air cheque to symoblize the cheque has been cashed, aria flashes her smile again, catches evan off guard, he begins to laugh and sits down)

Aria: so evan, we keep bumping into each other and I stilll don’t know that much about you, its time to start talking
(its clear that aria is now warming up to evan and getting comfortable around him, evan smirks at her)

Evan: well what do you want to know

(aria leans into him on the table)
Aria: everything,

( the camera pans away from aria and evan which we now see from the outside of dinner , eating talking and laughing have a good time, enjoying each other company, looking as though they have feelings for each other)
( we see eliza standing outside of a dark brown house, with the porch lights on , waiting for someone to open to the door, he back is towards the door, we hear it creak open, eliza turns around, we see a dark haired women ( 45) standing in the door frame)

Beth: Hello elizabeth,

Eliza: hi mom,
(eliza walks to her mother with a warm smile and gives her a big hug, her mother kisses her forehead and they walk inside the house and the door closes behind them )

-music ends-


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