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October 20, 2022
By Seannn_McSwain, Springfield, Massachusetts
Seannn_McSwain, Springfield, Massachusetts
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Anya, a woman of Russian descent who specializes in journalism, leaves home for a work trip to Egypt to interview a businessman by the name of Samir Sallah who happens to be in heat for copyright accusations. During the interview Samir's son paces around the room uncomfortably and Samir's body language defies the presence of Anya. The day after her awkward interview Anya sets off for the pyramids of Giza on a camel ride; Anya gets a lot more than she bargained for. Her tour guides unexpectedly start acting feral, butchering her camel with bamboo knives and stabbing her with a dirty syringe. Anya awakens to sandy terrain, nobody and nothing in sight, feeling wretched, unmotivated, and unstable. Soon after her awakening, she begins following the sound of religious hymns to a tent owned by a mysterious man who welcomes Anya in a not-so-welcoming way.

Sean M.


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