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The Saint

October 11, 2022
By bcbilbo, Ada, Oklahoma
bcbilbo, Ada, Oklahoma
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Three friends, Matthew, Nina, and Kylee visit an old abandoned dance studio trying to summon a saint. Around town though, the typical meaning of "saint" doesn't apply to this viscous creature. Known as the "demon of dance", the town legend is about a girl who danced herself to death, nobody really knowing how or why, but any town local with shiver at the name of the Saint of Alyssa.

After talking the the demon through a Ouija board, the lights start to flicker, eventually turning off. Standing there alone, Matthew Anderson is perplexed on where his friends disappeared to. Wandering around, he realizes the saint must've twisted the layout of the dance studio, shifting the walls somehow.

He reunites with Kylee and they try to find Nina. Encountering the Saint of Alyssa once more, they stick together like glue to not be separated, but the instant Matthew wasn't looking, Kylee was dragged into the darkness.

Brantley B.

The Saint

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