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The Kidnapping of Lily Johnson

June 13, 2022
By BRosato10, Rochester, New York
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BRosato10, Rochester, New York
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Author's note:

I am in the 9th grade and I started writing about 5 years ago.

In the year 2000, a little girl named Lily Johnson lived in Virginia with her mom named Laura and dad named James. For Spring break, they decided to go on a vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The week before, they were all really excited and started packing for their trip. A few days before they left for the airport, Lily’s mom and dad had a talk with Lily about safety and how to be safe in public places.

“Hey, Lily sweetie,” said Laura kindly.

“Yeah mom,” said Lily.

“Your dad and I need to talk to you about something before we go to Disney World, ok?” said Laura.

“Ok, what is it,” said Lily worried.

“We need to talk about your safety while we are on vacation,” said James

“What do you mean by safety dad?” Lily sounded concerned.

“What I mean by safety is so that you don’t get lost and so you know what to do if that does happen,” James said seriously.

“Ok, daddy,” Lily said intuitively.

“So, you are going to have to stay next to us at all times, when we cross the street you should be holding one of your hands, and when you are not in your stroller, you shouldn’t be running around. Is that clear?” said James seriously.

“Yes daddy, I understand,” Lily said nicely.

“Ok, good,” said James.

“We just want you to be safe Lily. Thanks for listening,” Laura said calmly.

“Ok, mommy. And your welcome,” Lily said kindly.

After their talk with Lily, they got her ready for bed because they had a very early morning and a long day ahead of them. Once they got her put to bed they talked.

“Hey, Laura,” James said nervously.

“Yeah, James. What’s up” Laura said concerned.

“I am scared for her Laura. What if something happens to her or even worse, we lose her,” James said anxiously.

“James, it is going to be ok. We talked to her about safety and she understood what we were talking about. If something does happen though, we will find her, ok?” Laura said cautiously.

“Ok,” James said calming himself down.

“Now let's get some sleep so we aren’t tired,” Laura said yawning.

After a little while, they both fell fast asleep in their bed until morning. Once morning hit, everyone was in a rush doing last-minute packing and getting dressed and everything. At around 6:30, they left for the airport. Their flight left at 8:30, but they wanted to get there early so they had enough time to get through security and get to their gate. And maybe get some food on the way cause the airport always has good food choices. Once they got to the airport, they went straight through security and went to find their gate. Once they found their gate, they went to go and find some food before their flight took off. While they were walking to get food, a mysterious man started walking behind them. He kept following them to the restaurant they went to. Once they got in line and started orderings, he came up and snatched Lily by the arm and ran away with her. The man covered Lily's mouth so she couldn’t scream anything to her parents. Once James and Laura looked back, Lily and the mysterious man were already gone. Their worst fear has finally become a reality, their only daughter who they have been protecting for so long has been kidnapped right before their vacation to Disney World.

“James, James!” Laura cried out.

“What's wrong Laura,” James said looking back and noticing Lily is gone.

“James, Lily is gone! Where did she go!” Laura said yelling and crying.

“I don’t know. She was right here while we were ordering. Maybe she just went to find a table” James said trying to stay calm while fighting back tears.

“I looked around all of the tables James, she is not here. I can’t believe I just lost my daughter,” Laura said sobbing on James’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry Laura,” James said. “We are going to find her.”

“Ok, what are we going to do,” Laura said.

“We are going to find the best detective in the state of Virginia. That is what we are going to do,” James said positively.

“Ok, let's go do that then,” Laura said to James finally calming down.

Once they stopped talking, they went up to the help desk to cancel their flight tickets. Then, they left the airport and went straight to the police station to tell them what happens. They got to the police station and waited in the waiting room until they were able to talk to a police officer. 

“I would like to speak to you now Laura and James,” the police officer said.

Laura and James got up and walked to a room with the police officer and sat down in front of a big long desk.

“Hello, James and Laura. My name is Gerald and I will be helping you,” said the police officer.

“Ok, cool,” said James.

Ok, so what happened,” said police officer Gerald.

“So, we were at the airport on our way for a fun trip to Disney World with our daughter, Lily. And we went to go get some food from a restaurant before our flight. And as we were ordering, she just disappeared. We didn’t hear anything or see anything,” James said seriously.

Ok, did you guys see anything on the ground or anything suspicious after you noticed she was gone?” said Police Officer Gerald.

“No, we did not sir,” said James.

“Ok, now, if there is no evidence at the scene there is really nothing that I can do,” Policer Officer Gerald said sadly.

“What do you mean you can’t help!” Laura said agitatedly.

“Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean no one can help you. It's just that we police officers can’t help, we just don’t have enough evidence. So, I am going to refer you to one of the best detectives in the state of Virginia, ok,” Police Officer Gerald said.

“Ok,” James said calmly.

“So, who is the best detective in the state of Virginia,” Laura said. 

“His name is Detective Robert Clark. He has helped many people across the country and has helped solve some of the hardest cases in the world,” said Police Officer Gerald.

“Wow, he seems to be really good and popular amongst people around the world,” said James.

“Why yes he is James, he is ranked number 3 in the world ranking actually,” said Police Officer Gerald.

“Wow, that is really good. When will we get to meet him,” said James?

“I will call him up after this. You guys will probably be able to meet him later on today since it is so early in the morning,” said Police Officer Gerald.

“Ok, cool. Thank you so much for your help,” said James.

“It is my pleasure. Hope you have a great day and have fun meeting Detective Robert Clark,” said Police Officer Gerald.

“We will, and you too,” said James walking out the door.

James and Laura walked out of the Police Station happy and relieved because they get one of the best detectives in the state of Virginia and the whole world. The Police Officer said that they would be able to see Detective Robert Clark at about 1 pm in the inner city of Richmond. 

At around 12 pm, they left their house, which is on the east side of the city, so they can make it to Detective Robert Clark's office on time because they don’t want to be late for their first meeting. Once they got to his office, they waited in the waiting room until he was ready to see us.

‘James and Laura, I am ready to see you now,” Detective Robert Clark said sternly

“Ok,” James said.

James and Laura both got up out of their chairs and followed to detective to his office in the back of the building. 

“Good Afternoon James and Laura,” Detective Robert Clark said.

“Good Afternoon to you too,” James said.

“So, I heard your daughter has gone missing,” Detective Robert Clark said seriously.

“Yes, she did go missing. We were ordering food at a restaurant at the airport and she was behind us but when we were done, she wasn’t there anymore.” James said. 

“Ok, and there wasn’t anything on the scene, correct,” said Detective Robert Clark.

“No, there wasn’t anything thing sir,” said James.

“Ok, I will try and look at the security cameras at the airport to see if I see anything thing, ok,” Detective Robert Clark said.

“Ok, cool. We were at the restaurant at around 7:30 am,” James said

James and Laura sat there waiting patiently to see if Detective Robert Clark saw anything suspicious while we were at the restaurant.

“I found something!” Detective Robert Clark said excitedly.

“What did you find,” James asked. 

“There was a mysterious man following you guys to the restaurant. He was wearing all black and his face was covered so it was hard to see who it was. But, I think your daughter has been kidnapped,” Detective Robert Clark said.

James and Laura both looked shocked. They just stared at each other wondering where their daughter went or if she is ok. 

“I will do my best to locate your daughter, ok,” Detective Robert Clark said.

“Ok, thank you so much for your help,” said James.

“No problem. I will let you know when I have updates,” Detective Robert Clark said.

“Ok, thank you,” James said.

As James and Laura walked out of his office, Detective Robert Clark started his work. He went to the airport and started looking for evidence and asked workers if they saw anything suspicious around that time.

“I didn’t see anything, sir,” said the airport worker.

“I didn’t see anything either, sir,” said the other airport worker.

“Ok, thank you for your information,” said Detective Robert Clark.

Once he got all the information he needed from the airport he went back to his office and started his investigation. He reviewed all of the security footage and looked at all of the evidence that he found. And finally, after many hours of searching, he solved the case. The person who kidnapped Lily Johnson at the airport was Charlie Copenhagen. As soon as he realized who it was, he realized that Charlie was going on a flight to Sydney Australia. When he figured out that Charlie was going to Sydney, Australia, he must have taken Lily with him. So, he immediately called James and Laura and told them the news.

“Good Evening James and Laura Johnson. I am sorry for calling you this late but I have some news about your daughter Lily,” Detective Robert Clark said. 

“Good Evening to you too. What is the good news,” James said tiredly.

“I have found your daughter,” Detective Robert Clark said.

“Really, is she ok? Is she hurt?” said James in panic.

“We don’t know that yet sure. The person who kidnapped her is Charlie Copenhagen. The day that you guys were leaving, he was going to be going to Sydney, Australia. So, I am guessing he took your daughter with him,” Detective Robert Clark said.

“So, are we going to go to Sydney to find our daughter,” said James.

“Yes, yes we are,” said Detective Robert Clark.

It is the next day and James Laura and Detective Robert Clark are on a long flight to Sydney Australia to try and find Lily, their daughter. When they got there, they were all really tired. But that didn’t stop them from trying to find Lily. They looked all over the city. In all the buildings and restaurants until they looked in this one abandoned factory. When they walked in, they heard crying coming from upstairs. 

“Lily is that you!” Laura cried out from the bottom of the stairs. But there was no response.

They all ran up the stairs and went to the only closed door in the hallway. When they walked in, they saw Lily, tied to the chair with her mouth duck taped crying. When Detective Robert Clark saw Lily, he ran over to her and got and untied her. When she got untied she ran over to James and Laura and gave them a big hug.

“Mommy, Daddy, I can’t believe you found me. I thought I would never see you again,” Lily cried out.

“It's ok Lily, you are safe now. Do you know where the man who took you went?” James said.

“He is in the room next door. We should leave before he comes back,” Lily said

When Lily said that, they all ran out the door outside the building. Lily was safe and it was all thanks to the greatest detective in the world.

“Thank you Detective Robert Clark for all of your help,” James said. 

“No problem,” Detective Robert Clark said.

After that, they all went to the restaurant and talked for a while. They all stayed for a little while, so they can all get the vacation they deserve.

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