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I opened the Door to Discover

June 12, 2022
By olevitsky25, Brentwood, New Hampshire
olevitsky25, Brentwood, New Hampshire
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Jamie and Avery have been best friends forever. Sure, high school has brought it's unique challenges to the friendship, but they still talked. Their friendship was on the mend when Jamie did not come home one night. The police can't find her and Avery gets impatient. She feels useless and wants to help, so she takes it into her own hands. The fact that she has no experience in finding a missing person doesn't stop Avery. After all, she has insider information,  that only a best friend would know. Avery knows she is going to have to face her biggest fears to find her best friend, but what kind of person would she be if she refused to try?  What kind of friend would she be?

Olivia L.

I opened the Door to Discover

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