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The Elevator: Up or Down?

January 25, 2022
By pennedbydaisies, Coronado, California
pennedbydaisies, Coronado, California
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The story follows a poor musician, by the name of Peter Evards, on his journey after his sudden death. He wakes up in an elevator, greeted by Death himself, and he must choose: does he want to take the path upward to heaven, or does he want to take the path downward to pay for the sins he committed in the world of the living? The story follows him on his decision, and as the story unravels, we uncover interesting details that really makes us question if Peter is truly worthy or deemable enough to live in the world of heaven. But in the end, the choice is up to him, does he want to go up or down? 

Faith B.

The Elevator: Up or Down?

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