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God Killer : Prologue

July 15, 2021
By Soul_YB, Other, Other
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I, Akihiko, 27 years old, ended my life 3 days back.

It was the only option.
Being a NEET I could not have taken the chances of reincarnation to an alternate universe.

Therefore I locked myself in my apartment to avoid any accident revolving around a truck.

Not to mention being pushed in front of a shinkansen.

Yes that's how much I hate life.

I was not a lazy bum.
As any other kid I dreamt to accomplish my goals.
But even after putting in all those efforts I never succeeded.

I was optimistic so I never gave up.
I tried to find one skill within myself.
But no matter what sports, sketching, cooking, studies.

List goes on. I failed in each of them.
All those efforts of months.

In all those moments I felt like I was tied up with chains.
I felt like I was not allowed to contain any skill.
God did not gave me that right.

The only thing he gave me was luck.
Luck factor was all I had.


Despite being jobless I was living a privileged life.
Despite being jobless I had a girlfriend.
But it was all worthless.

People in power crushing those in not.
Over the chart self centered vision.
Increased suicide rates.
And blind spectators.
Including me who cannot do nothing but watch.

World is unfair due to differences and it's true that differences are required for evolution but as firmly as I believe in this very fact as firmly I believe that God could have designed a more better working model.

I grew sick of it and hence ended my life.
But when I made this decision the only thing that God gave me was snatched away from me.

I was reincarnated.
Into an alternate universe.
But with no skills,no time travel abilities or no game like window panel.
Completely powerless and homeless.

"This sucks" were my first words into this new life.

I made up my mind.
If God has reincarnated me then I can die again.
But before doing that I decided to explore the world.
I was willing to see what kind of design he had crafted for this world.

The most logical choice to grasp the basic information are always the street vendors and hence I approached the nearest one that I could find.
Though I became a laughing stock I was able to gather a good amount of information.

There are total of 12 kingdoms in this world.
The most mightiest is the kingdom Balefire.
Each Kingdom possesses different currency value.
No Kingdom has any influence over one another.


The lack of influence of the strongest over the weaker one's is due to one of the three creations of God APOLO,the Black Knight.

God APOLO is the only one who's worshipped all over this world.
Though there are other gods in existence but no one believes to worship them.

Before going back to heaven he left his three creations behind for people of the land.

Wanderer: The guiding light,a male traveler that guides people that have lost their vision of life.

Black Knight: The Ultimate female warrior who does not allow acts of killings or murder for every 200 years.

Soul: Those who seek the truth shall find it from the Soul Guardian.


With the aid of merchants I managed to reach the Kingdom Balefire.
The whole lot was kind.
The head of the party gave me one gold coin for survival.
The currency for this Kingdom was called Dem.

"Do not involve yourself in the kingdom division mess" were his parting words

As I kept walking inside the kingdom, the only thought that crossed my mind was me turning deaf and I firmly believed my mind to be in some kind of hallucination.

There was no one on the streets.
There was no sound not even of a crying baby.
The only people I saw were the guards at the entrance.

It was not long after, I saw a silhouette of a man on the wall of a narrow passage alongside the road.
Approaching it seemed the only sensible thing to do.
But this man with a blue armband, short yellow hairs and a strong physique carrying two swords on back was already staring at me.
He was not surprised or confused.
I felt like he was already aware of my presence and my future actions.

"I will explain you everything" he said to me.
He knew I wanted answers about this world and about this kingdom.
Guess this is what it feels like to meet a genius.

With this he started his explanation.
After hearing what he has to say I was not able to control my laughter.
When I first stepped into this world I thought maybe this world was better.
But it's even worse from the looks of it.

The Black Knight, prevents any killing or acts of murder for every 200 years between the 12 kingdoms and between the people residing inside it.
The kingdoms cannot fight each other even with fists but this does not apply for the people of the same kingdom.
After 200 years this law is lifted for a 10 year period and it keeps on repeating.
But due to this very law crime rates are increased as no one can do anything in self defense and therefore the strong groups or powerful warriors can dominate as they like.

Kingdom Balefire was divided when a number of people were killed in the southern most part of the country before the 10 year period came in action.
The Black Knight did not came to prevent this and therefore a large amount of population spoke and overthrew the long lasting ideals and believes.
The King on the other side still decided to believe on the creation of gods and ideals revolving around the same.

Several meetings were held but king refused to overthrew the ideals.
His final conclusion was the division of the Kingdom.
The kingdom was hence divided into two.
The Astrals and Legion.


The division between the kingdom took place merely 12 years ago.
The real reason for the king's approval of division was his son, Prince Leo, the next successor to the throne of Balefire and now the one leading the legion division.

Even though the way of living before the Black Knight incident had always been toxic.
Hundreds of generation came and passed without raising a question and getting accustomed to this system.

In order to put a stop to this toxic way of living the astral division and the other 11 kingdoms follow a basic approach of pinpoint, scan and analysis.

This work is done by powerful mages taking their shifts.
If a individual does not have magic power but brute physical strength his power source can still be pinpointed due to the core within them.


Once found guilty the other warriors take action and capture the one in question.
The captured is sent to prison for term of 8 months.
But this method has its flaw as it can generate a misconception when someone is ill or suffering from a injury.
Not to mention the focus by mage and a planned revenge by innocent victims.

Currently there are 6 months left before the war period of 10 years would come in action.
During this time the pinpoint process comes to a halt in order to gather the support of the strongest warriors and the prisoners are released.
But if someone reports a case of house break-in the actions to capture comes in play against the reported individual.
Therefore during this time the streets are empty.
Because of fear.

The legion on the other side does not require the pinpoint system.
Under the leadership of Prince Leo, the whole legion division is well aware of the "right thing to do".

But in terms of power the legion division comes at 6th position out of the 13 Kingdoms.
( After the division of Balefire 12 kingdoms can now be considered as 13)

Despite the advise of the kind merchant.
I was on my way to the legion division.
Traveling alongside Hikaru.

Hikaru was the name of this genius that I met that day on those empty streets of the astral division.
Maybe I was overwhelmed on finding people like me who do not believe much in the design of the world and so I approved for all of this.
It's been two days since the start of our journey.
The blue armband that he wore turned out to be a symbol that's given to the war commanders of the legion division.
He was a war commander.

But several more such position exists within the legion division that I am not allowed to know until I am officially a member.

After a little while Hikaru gave me a detailed explanation about the war.
He read through me again, like it was written all over my face that I was curious about it.

The structure was simple.

Blessing of god is a dragon spirit that is bestowed upon the king by the god that favours the particular king.
Each God can only give one blessing.
Though no one in the land worships a god other then god apolo, the other gods still bless them with their spirits, they must have a very big heart.

The Kingdom that can either protect their king or the blessing of god for three years can withdraw from the war with the rewards and without further involvement for 200 years or can decide to continue the war to be the last one standing for all rewards.

The Kingdom that is capable to defeat all the other kingdoms before the three year span hence claiming the victory will be the holder of all the rewards and will be in a position to demand one thing from each of the defeated kingdoms.

Where as if a kingdom miraculously achieve this feat within one year then it can challenge the Black Knight for a one versus one battle for the ultimate strength.

Rewards are always mysterious.
But the thing that was no longer a mystery was the intentions of the legion.
At that very moment I felt it deep within my soul.
The legion is aiming to slay the Black Knight.

After a few more hours.
We arrived inside the legion division.
At this point I miss cars as traveling a long distance from a horse can give you a real back pain, especially for someone unfit like me.
If only Hikaru was aware of some magic we could have flown through the sky on swords like Asta in Black Clover.

The legion division was the exact opposite from the astral division.
We were currently at the border city, city solaris.
The streets were cheerful and boisterous.
Hikaru pointed his finger at a nearby community board that had the map of the city attached on it.
I smiled and went forward to take a look.

Our first stop was the weapon market.
Although I insisted him for food market to be our first place of visit, he denied.
"Food can wait" he said to me
But little do he know my love for tamara.


In a while we were at the food market but now everything I ate felt tasteless.
Back in the weapon market Hikaru bought two swords for me costing a total of 180 gold coins.
They were the most expensive swords on sale in the entire legion division and was one of the reason city solaris was acknowledged for.
All my resistance was futile.
"We are buying these" he said grinning
That grin really sent shivers down my spine and thereafter a heavy burden was imposed on my shoulders.
A whole pack of Tamara costs around 1 silver coin and so it was natural for me feeling it was tasteless.

The day was coming to an end.
The night was about to fall.
Our final stop was the city headquarters.
The place was magnificent and large.
Hikaru took me to cabin of a certain someone higher then his rank.

Upon entering the cabin I was able to see a beautiful women with loop waterfall braid hairstyle and cold blue eyes.
She had a elegant aura around her.
I could tell how fierce she might turn out to be.

"So is he the bait?" She asked Hikaru

Hikaru nodded

"Huh?" I said in astonishment

It's been two weeks since the start of my sword training.
That night general miu explained the real purpose of having me.
Miu Ogawa was the name of the women hikaru took me to meet.
She is a general in the legion division.
Apparently there are a total of 6 generals in the legion division.
The generals have the authority to manage and order the war commanders.

My task was to act as a body double for the God Killer.
God Killer is a person who is able to successfully cast the forbidden spell.

For generations several tried casting the spell but suffered a tragic demise.
Those who were successful were forgotten by the next generations so no one is aware of what they decided to do with the ultimate power they attained from the spell.

The God Killer will be fighting in shadows while I will be acting as the face.
How? And Why? are the two questions I am unable to figure out at the moment.
For 14 days I have been training 9 hours a day.
After every one hour I get a one hour break.
6 hours are for sleeping.
My teacher is the war commander Hikaru.

The next month I will be meeting the God Killer in person.
But about when I will be meeting Prince Leo, I have no clue.
If acting as a body double can atleast change the design of this world then it's the only thing I want to do before I die here.

Day 29
Sword Training at Solaris City.

For 25 days I learned several stances fight styles and defense techniques.
But my first challenge appeared just after it.
I got to learn more about the swords hikaru bought for me.

"These swords can store the remnant magic in the air and can amplify it over the time which can be used later for a strong strike and slash" He said

"The blades of these swords will never worn out" He continued

I understood the reason of this sword being so expensive but why did not kings or other rich officials purchased something so worthy.
There were still things that they were reluctant to tell me.

But the challenge that stood ahead of me was the sword technique: executioner.
It's been 4 days, I have several wounds all over my body.
But I am unable to grasp this technique.




"We will restart in 10 minutes" Hikaru said
I failed again.
The sword would store magic but the upward slash won't work.
The magic would not come out.
I could not dodge most of the magic attacks.

"Sorry Mr.Goro I am really wasting your time and energy" I said
"It's alright just try your best" Mr.Goro replied

Mr.Goro is a mage from the astral division.
He is a close friend to general miu who came on her request to help me out with this technique.
He is capable of casting several magic fire balls at once.

But how can I tell him that I am already trying my best.
I could not disappoint him.
After all the trouble he is taking for me.
While I was thinking, General Miu said
"Try harder, break those chains, Use your imagination"

Those very words became my wake up call.
"I am ready" I said to Hikaru



It was early morning.
Around 5 am.
There were two hours before the beginning of my 35th day in training at the solaris city.
I should have been sleeping but the plinking of raindrops and the flashing thunder across the sky woke me up.

Or so I thought..
When I was wide awake and regained my full consciousness,
I was able to hear the sound of a flute amidst the stormy weather.
For a second I saw my swords shaking.

It was all really confusing.
I started to observe my surroundings.
After walking a few steps, I saw hikaru standing near the window.
He was staring out of it.
It felt like he was scared.

I approached him.
"Hey are you alright" I asked

"Things are about to go worse" He replied

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"It's the flute of the great monarch" He replied

Back in time there used to be four creations by God APOLO.

The role of the chanter was to travel alongside the wanderer and to play his flute in the areas that were in a sea of sorrows.
His flute had a unique charisma, warmth and generosity.
Chanter never appeared like he was one of the creations by God APOLO.
He had a jolly personality.

But this thing eventually changed.
When around 1,400 years back Chanter did the only thing he was not permitted to do.

During that time,During the war period.
Kingdom Lidilon was nearly wiped out.

By not slaying the blessing of god a representative from a certain kingdom kept on slaughtering the public of Lidilon.
No one knew the plotter behind this vicious scheme and no one knew the identity of that man behind the mask.

Schemes like this were a rare occurrence.
If a kingdom has the power to slay the king and the blessing of god but decides to hold back to do unnecessary slaughtering then that particular kingdom will be cursed by the gods.
That was the law to prevent such schemes from arising.
But despite that a tragic incident that will make its name in pages of history was undergoing.

Chanter could always feel the places that were hit by string of sorrows.
But the sensation he felt from kingdom lidilon shook him to his core.
He rushed to the scene without the wanderer and was devastated by the very sight.

That was when he was overdriven by rage.
Unlocking the full potential of his flute he slayed the masked individual.
Later he vowed to take care of the kingdom and climbed to the throne.
All over the land he was then known as the Great Monarch.
Under his rule there were zero crime rates in the lidilon and the kingdom climbed up to the third rank.
He rebuilt the entire kingdom.

And he knew that his end was near.

2 years after taking the throne, Chanter heard a unfamiliar voice.

"It's time for the judgment" Unknown Voice

"Who are you" Chanter asked

"I am here on behalf of God APOLO" Unknown voice

"Fine,I already know my punishment is death, now appear before me and I will offer you my head" Chanter said

"No" Unknown voice
"Your punishment is not death" Unknown voice

"What?" Chanter said
"The one responsible for tainting you will be punished and watching them suffer will be your punishment" Unknown voice

"What do you mean?" Chanter asked
"Kingdom of lidilon will be wiped out once and for all" Unknown voice

"They have nothing to do with it, They have already suffered a lot, Your business is with me not them leave them alone" Chanter shouted

"The decision is final, 3 days from now" Unknown voice

Chanter felt helpless.
He never expected such a harsh judgment from the one he always looked up to.
"I will always want good for you, were all those words just a lie, dad" Chanter murmured while tears streamed down his cheeks.

But one day before the judgment something unexpected happened.
Playing his flute chanter unlocked the doors to heaven.
Chanter declared a war on heaven.

The war lasted for 9 months.
During those 9 months a number of different situations occurred in front of the people of the land.





Wanderer, Black Knight and Soul assisted the mankind for those 9 months to reduce the death count and to minimize the damage.

After 9 months.
Chanter fell from the sky onto the ground.
Chanter was defeated.
Everything went back to normal.

Apparently people of lidilon were aware of chanter's reason to fight.
Almost all the kingdom gathered around the great monarch covered in blood.
Wanderer, Black Knight and Soul also gathered around him.

"Don't worry Kingdom Lidilon will be safe" Soul said
"You could have told us there might have been a other way out" Black Knight said

But wanderer did not said anything that day.
"I... will..return....some..da...y" were the last words chanter said while looking at wanderer while his body disappeared in thin air.

In present

"Wait here akihiko, the gates of heaven are being opened again, I need to alert everyone before the red moon appears" Hikaru said

"I will come along" I said

"No you cannot, remember you are the body double and your identity cannot be revealed at this point" Hikaru said

After hikaru left.
I felt cold and alone.
The reason I wanted to go along with him was because I was scared.
I was scared to be alone.




My luck was the only thing keeping me alive.
In my early life I had a friend who gave me strength to fight.
It was only after three years I discovered he never intended to help me.
But even if it all was fake.
I will always be thankful to him.

When mom passed away.
I felt like it was the end of the world.
Even though she never showed.
She always cared.
She always cared for me.

I was 25 and I decided to give up but that's when mako entered my life.
My first girlfriend.
She was beautiful enough for the entire city to fall for her.
I always wondered why did she chose me.
Maybe it was because she felt pity on me.
Even though she never said the only three words I always wanted to hear from someone in my life "I love you"

She gave me a shoulder to cry upon.

But as the days kept on passing I felt more and more worthless.
I wanted to change the world but I could not even change my life.
It was all the same.
Therefore I ended my life.

And that's when I came here in this world.
For the first time I felt I could do something.
I felt I could change something.
I felt people showed their actual feeling.
I felt warm.

I still get stuck sometimes.
But atleast I am moving forward.
Its normal mom right?
To take these little steps?

Day 39 In Training At Solaris City.

Over a span of four days a number of noticeable changes occurred.

Harsh Winter.

A sense of panic among people.

Preparation for shelters and news of army taking rounds around the city.

It's been four days but the great monarch has not stopped playing his flute.
Hikaru said that he is probably waiting for the red moon to appear.
Earlier when hikaru first used this term I did not knew what he meant because he left without any explanations.
But before leaving me the second time he explained what a red moon was.

Hikaru also made me aware about the stratergy other kingdoms will be using to tackle the ongoing situation.

Constructing a magic barrier with the help of their strongest mages and maintaining it by swapping positions with the excessive number of mid tier mages when tired.

They surely have a upper hand here as legion who has disregarded the use of magic and has prioritised the use of hand weapons have no other choice but to depend on the  shelters.

"Using magic means giving a green light to the gods and their ideals" is the mindset of the people living in the legion division and I had never agreed upon this very thought from the very first day of my training.

But I will not make any judgment till I know the reason for them believing in this thing.

Apparently Prince Leo and the six generals have went to attend a meeting in astral division after black knight appeared onto their side and king invited stating the reason of invitation as the only logical choice.

Wanderer is also reported to be sighted at the borders of lidilon but no one is aware of the whereabouts of soul.

I cannot sit idle anymore.
I cannot let chanter open the doors of heaven for whatever reason.
Even if I am not powerful.
I will fight him.
I am sorry hikaru but I have to go this one time.
It is my call of duty.

For several hours I kept running.



Following the sound of flute I tried to locate him.



But whenever I felt like I found him the sound drifted away further.



I realised that continuing the search will be just a waste of time and so I decided to head back.

But on second thought I eventually came out too far that I had no idea of my location.

Hikaru will probably kill me if somehow I am able to get back.

I should stay here for now.



As the night drew closer, I started feeling extremely cold due to the harsh winter.

Barely anyone was visible on the streets.

In a while I was down on my knees as my legs were frozen.

It was at that moment I saw someone approaching me.

He was very old, probably in his 70's and was ringing a handbell.



He stopped near me.

"Light will show you the path but the darkness will engulf everything that is left behind" He said and walked away


After a few minutes unable to withstand the weather I fainted.


The next time I opened my eyes, I was inside someone's house.

"So kind people really do exist in every world" I murmured

I glanced around the room to find the owner and saw her after a few seconds,she was a fine young women.


"Are you awake?" She asked


"Yes I am, thank you for helping me" I replied


"Here, some soup for you" She said


"Thank you" I said


"You are finding the one playing the flute?" She asked


"Yes but how do you know?" I asked


"You wrote flute on the snow at the ground before fainting and you were carrying swords so I figured you are searching for him" She replied


"I know where he is" She continued


"Wait how in the world?" I asked


"You see I am a singer and so I can feel music" She replied


"So you are a singer" I said


"Yes I am, my name is Aimi " She said 


"My name is Akihiko" I said


"What kind of music can you feel from the flute?" I asked


"Sad but monotonous" She replied


"So you live alone?" I asked


"Yes I like it that way" She replied


"No one likes being alone it's just how long we can console ourselves with that lie, If there is nothing we are able to do about it for years then it will only lead to destruction" I said 


"Maybe you are right" She said while smiling


And then at midnight,

We departed for our destination.

Next Day
Astral Division
Inside The Royal Court
Cabinet Meeting

Honourable Black Knight, representative's from the legion division and esteemed guests from other kingdoms, I welcome you all in this cabinet meeting--King

I hope you are aware of the current situation.
That is the sudden appearance of the great monarch.
The time that is to come will surely be harsh enough to break our spirits.
But fear not, we the strongest kingdom in the entire mankind shall provide you our assistance alongside the honourable black knight--King

Before moving forward for further details if anyone have a question or a suggestion please come forth--King

"I have a suggestion" Prince Leo said while raising his hand

Come forth and make us aware--King

"You should not trust black knight" Prince Leo said

Are you trying to be rude with our honourable guest not to mention to the creation of the great God APOLO--King

"Not at all I can never dare to do that but do you remember the incident where a part of population were killed before the war period,the mysterious killer behind that act was none other then black knight" Prince Leo said


"I have proof" Prince Leo said

Show us and get ready to serve years in prison because they will surely stand no ground!!--King

"Black Knight" Prince Leo Shouted


"I am the new king of this kingdom and as I was already a heir to the throne you should have no problem with this" King Leo said while his six generals and rest of the representative's from different kingdoms stared at him in astonishment

Getting hold of themselves half of the people present in the cabinet meeting raised their voices against the new king.

"Those who do not agree can die" King Leo said while looking at black knight

"From this day onward, forget the old laws and forget the old rules, from this day onward every major decision will be determined by war, those who will be loyal and supportive will conquer the world alongside me and those who do not will be conquered" King Leo said

"And as everything will be decided only by war the god that we shall pray will be the god of war" King Leo continued

"My King what about the god killer and the great monarch" General Miu asked after discussing with one of the other general

"Can you hear the flute?" King Leo asked

"No" General Miu replied

"There was no god killer in first place, the flute of the great monarch was a illusion created by one of my man in order to check if the code name bait was actually a threat or not" King Leo said

"A threat?" General Miu said

"If he did not tried to approach the flute then he can serve me but in case it's the opposite then by this time he has probably died by the ambush we created" King Leo continued avoiding her question

"Guess this is the end of my second life, I could not do anything here as well" I murmured

My head feels so heavy...

Where am I ?..

It looks like a hospital but why is it so modern..

It is just like one in my world..




Why? It can't be possible

Was not I supposed to be dead?

Was it all just a dream?

"Are you alright?" Mako asked

"Mako......"  I said

"You may not be happy but I am glad that you are alive" Mako said while tears streamed down her cheeks

"Your father is waiting outside too" She continued

I was so confused due to which I was not able to talk.
What was real and what was not?
That was the only question revolving inside my mind.

"All my time with Hikaru and the others  cannot be a lie."
"It was all too real to be a lie."
My mind kept repeating these words over and over again.

I was able to control myself only after mako left the room.

She may have thought that I require some time to settle down whatever was going inside my head.

So she left the room quietly.

But she was sad which made me sad too and that's when I was able to control myself.

Did I even had the right to be sad, I mean I was nearly dead, I could have never seen her again.

What's even the use of repenting now?

After a little while my dad entered the room

"I am sorry, dad" I said

"You cannot do anything" He said

"You cannot do anything so you don't have to do anything, Earlier I told you to get a job by 30 or else I will not aid you financially but its alright, just forget if I ever said that to you" He said and left the room

I felt pathetic.

I also realised that what I did was wrong.
No matter how you look at it.
It was wrong of me...

After a year of rehab.
I was able to walk but not properly like before.
I was lucky that my spinal injuries were not that severe.
Mako and my dad both used to visit me several times a week during the days of my rehab.
But now my dad got the permission to take me home.

I was then at home.
Not the one where I used to live alone.
But the one where I was raised.
It's been several years since I lived with dad like this.

Dad never asked me or talked about anything related to past.
But deep inside I knew, he was disappointed and hurt
Mako never visited me again.
But that's what I deserve.
I was lucky enough to get more then I deserved.

On one of the day dad finally came to talk to me.

"What are you planning to do now?" He asked

"I am planning to write a manga" I replied

From when I was a kid I have always read and loved a lot of manga and therefore I decided to give a shot on writing a manga.



Even some webtoons are amazing.



And being a writer saves you from the trouble of choosing the style you want your story to be in as it will depend on the one in incharge of drawing the story.


Atleast for me..


Yes I know for my age the scope of me being successful is zero percent but nothing could have motivated me more.


Zero percent.....

Eh..another zero on my list ! 

Not that it matters...


This idea came to me when I heard the news that the author of a popular manga is holding a session for guiding the beginners working in the field of writing and drawing a manga.


And as anyone can figure it out, I went to attend it.


The session was very informative and I really learned a lot.


He told us that a manga can only run long if it can gather the attention of readers aged between 10-18 and so the main characters should also revolve around the same age but if the story becomes too forced just to stretch it for a longer run it will fall eventually.


He further told us that the protagonist should always have some kind of special power as no one will likely remember  a weak or a normal protagonist.


The character design and naming of the protagonist should be done in a way that separates it from the other characters not only in its own manga but also from the rest of the existing manga.


If the manga is mature themed and targeted to the adult audience then it should be made in such a way that anyone who finishes reading it would call it a masterpiece.


And like this he spoke about several other genres and did a live demo on character designing.


Before ending the session he gave us a task of defining an antagonist on his social media handle in the comment section after taking our time for the same.


Currently, I am thinking about it and waiting for my dad to return home from work while calling someone



Who won't answer my phone...


After half an hour dad returned home and I served him food after he had a little rest.


I sat opposite of him on the food table.


"Dad according to you how should  antagonist of an manga be like" I asked


"Let's see..clever, powerful but powerless at the same time and stuff like that" he replied


"How about you give me an example?" I asked


"The actual reason of your mom's demise was because of me performing an experiment on her" he replied


"Dad you don't have to give such kind of an example" I said


"It was only after that experiment I discovered the world where the black knight lives" He said with a evil grin


"Consider yourself lucky that you triggered the door to that world without involving yourself in any of my experimental procedures" He said while laughing 




"Alright, I will get serious now, although there was still time but I guess it cannot be helped" He said while pulling out a gun from back of his trouser




"I thought you would never woke up again and I was happy because it was the easiest way out,but your vessel in this world was still functioning and that's why instead of awakening the power I desired you ended up here again"




"This time I will properly destroy this vessel, you don't belong in this world, you are my most important pawn but in the other world, You see I am helpless here and that's why I was eagerly waiting for you to come home because I would not have been able to kill you at the hospital, I also thought I would spend some time with you that will make you more closer to me and later will kill you with poison but I got swayed in emotion"




"It's alright Akihiko, don't you cry, dad loves you, see I gave you the best answer to your question, now you understand a person that is clever, the most powerful but the most powerless, master of cheap tricks , one who pull the strings from shadow , one who is genius and the most overconfident, only that kind of person is worthy of being an antagonist"


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