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July 16, 2021
By vitobarquero, San José, Other
vitobarquero, San José, Other
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Joel lives with his brother Caspian and their parents in the peaceful town of Vinderin, where they enjoy the simple life of a farmer family. One day, a merchant visits Vinderin, and though his intentions seem pure at first, he quickly places a curse on the town. Now all animals have fallen sick, the crops are dying, and people are starving. Even worse, the merchant’s creatures prevent anyone from escaping the town. Everyone is trapped.

Soon, Joel learns that their captor has a personal grudge against his family, and he meets others who have suffered from his curses in the past. Meanwhile, he notices his parents know more about the situation, but they refuse to tell him anything. With only half the truth, Joel and Caspian are left with a desperate attempt to free Vinderin, or else the town can only starve to death.

Álvaro B.


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