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The Idea Of The Fall

May 30, 2019
By kquinn22, Stratham, New Hampshire
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kquinn22, Stratham, New Hampshire
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I know i'm not perfect, contrary to popular belief. I also know i'm not well liked, I hear the whispers and the groans and the complaints. Not to be rude but I couldn't really care less, I teach the way I teach to get these kids ready for the world. Not everyone is all sunshine and happiness like Mrs. Keys, who does “ Meditation 5 times a day and sings songs¨. That dirty hippie isn't teaching anyone anything but how to exile yourself from the rest of functioning society. Anyways its right after 1st period and im getting ready to talk to the five kids that stayed behind about there failing grade. I'm passing the time waiting for the rest of the students to clear out, reading the same thing I always do, The Shining by Stephen King, when I hear a ruckus in the hall. I go out to investigate blood is all over the floor and two of my students practically killing each other. I can hear the students in my room rushing out to witness the fight.

̈ ̈BOYS̈ I scream

They stop and freeze. Before I can get another word in, I smell lavender and someone whooshes past me. Mrs. Keys puts her stupidly manicured hands on the boy shoulders.

̈ ̈What did I say about this kind of destructive behavior” the world flow out her mouth like a song

The boys, Copper and Peter, slowly rise up from the ground and in an ashamed unison they say,

¨It's not only hurts us but what we stand for ̈

̈now apologize and go back to class ̈

Thats where I draw the line, I pulled her aside, ̈Jessica you realize that in the real world these boys would do jail time, we need to teach them some damned respect ̈

¨i'm sorry Veronica punishing children just doesn't come as easily to me i guess ̈

I look over at the boys, who are staring at the ground. She goes and takes their hands, and heads to the principal's office.

̈Thanks Dr. Phil” I whisper sarcastically

̈ ̈What's that?¨ Ms. keys says as her golden hair flies over her shoulder to face me.

̈Nothing” I say with a big fake grin plastered on my face.

I dissolve the mob. I go back to my classroom to find it empty, that's not the only thing, the book is gone. I began to frantically tear my room apert looking for the book. Now normally I wouldn't make such a big deal but this was a signed first edition, Its my pride and joy. Its the book that I bought on my 30th birthday and have not stopped reading in senice, the book that i know cover to cover, the book that is worth 6,000 dollars.

Its nowhere, someone took it. But who would leave a front row seat to wrestlemania to steal some book. It had to have been one of those idiot kids I was failing. I slowly rise from the ground, surrounded by papers I tore off my desk like a hellbound phoenix from the ashes.

̈ ̈William greasley, Cassidy Williams, Finn Williams, Paige Lenahan and Felicity Marsh to the main office ̈ The announcement boomed as I barely sat in my second period seat. I glance over at Cassie who is sat  two seats to the right of me, she looks back at me eyes bulging out of her head looking like she had seen a ghost. I swing around my desk and head to the office. ̈Wait Will ̈ I hear a voice followed by the fast taps of her sandal wedges on the tile floor. I turn around,

̈ ̈What do you want cassie¨ i say simultaneously rolling my eyes.

̈ ̈w-well don't you think we should walk down together ̈

Before I can answer we pass Paige's hallway. She comes running out of the hall way to catch up to us. She's that kind of girl that looks beautiful whatever she is doing, everyone boy in the grade had a crush on her, until she came out, now all of the girls in the grade have a crush on her.

̈ ̈Do you know what this is about?¨ she says slowly catching her breath.

¨I'll bet it's about all of us skipping her ́so your failing ́ talk ̈ I say quickly before Cassie can say anything

Paige's eyes look up at me super wide ̈I told you we shouldn't have done that ̈

We see someone rounding the corner, Felicity comes out running into Paige's arms

̈You guys saw each other last period you need to calm down ̈ Cassie says crossing her arms

̈ ̈Your just bitter because your single ̈ felicity snaps back

A weird silence falls on all of us. My face gets bright red. It's not like it's my fault cassie is single, we would have broken up eventually I was just the first one to do it. When we get to the office Finn is already there twiddling his fingers, we all take a seat right next to him waiting to be called in.  It's not that I don't like Finn its just awkward when i started to date my best friends twin sister without really giving him a heads up. Things got complicated and now we don't talk all that much. I still lead the group in taking a seat next to him. We are all silent until principal Brooks, comes out of his office and motions for us to come in. We all barely fit cross the small navy blue room lines with baseball caps and posters of famous Red Sox players. That's when I noticed a small prickly 40 some year old woman standing rigidly in the corner.

¨oh shit its Ms. Roseburg ̈ Paige leans over and whispers in my ear.

¨I can see that, paige ̈ i say trying to hide my fear.

̈Which one of you did it ̈ Ms. Roseburg snaps

¨Please Veronica ̈ Principal Barracks said rubbing his eyes ̈let me handle this

Ms. Roseburg compiles but does not look too happy at being called veronica in front of her students.

̈Did what?̈ Felicity smirks while subconsciously shielding paige from the fire that is Ms. Roseburgs expression

¨YOU KNOW WHAT-¨ she yells

̈ ̈MS. ROSEBURG ̈ or principal whips around to face the livid teacher, he took a deep breath to calm himself, ̈ I suggest you compose yourself or exclude yourself from this meeting ̈.

̈Which one of you took her book¨ he whispers sounding exhausted

I scan everyone's faces, we all look utterly guilty.

We all where silently glued to our seats I look around at everyone trying to be nonchalant. My hope someone will say something soon is diminishing.

¨I ran out to see the fight¨ I say finally breaking the humid tension in the room. ¨ you see ever since I was little I watched wrestlemania- ̈ I stop talking abruptly when felicity squeezes my hand to let me know I'm going way to far into details. Mrs. Roseburg raises her eyebrows at me.

Felicity kicks back in her chair, ̈maybe you lost it Veronica ̈ she sneered obviously trying to protect me from questioning, my alibi would not hold up if questioned.

It worked, Mrs. Roseburg looked like someone had just knocked the wind out of her. ̈ ̈I-I don't just LOSE a 6,000 dollar book ̈. Upon hearing the news we all break silence and start talking about how much the book costs, Felicity kicks her doc martens up on the desk and whistles.

¨That's a lot of cheddar for i book i have seen in our school library.¨

̈ ̈Well it seems the copy that has been misplaced is a first edition signed copy ̈ Principal Brooks says while using a pencil to push Felicity's boots off the corner of his desk.

¨I want their bags searched ̈ Mrs. Roseburg demands.

¨I think that's widely unnecessary, if these kids say they didn't do it i believe them ̈

My brows furrow, none of us had said we didn't do it. I glance over at Finn who is clutching his backpack with his feet.

I quietly slipped out my phone and texted my dad. Not even a minute later the phone rang.

I'm assuming not a lot of people call straight to the principal's office by the confused look on principal Brooks face as he holds up a finger to pause the conversation and picks up the phone.

¨oh hello Mr. Lenahan ̈

¨yes she is right here ̈

¨oh- ok i understand that but- ̈

¨She is very upset about this missing book i- ̈

̈ ̈ok ̈

The shankly put down the phone, ̈Paige your free to go ̈ he said.

̈and felicity?¨

̈ ̈Yes your father has promised me you are free of guilt ̈

¨That's why he is the best lawyer in the country I guess ̈, I said trying to desperately pepper in his job title. ¨You can't just let her go ̈ Mrs. Roseburg says gesturing at Felicity not even acknowledging my leaving. I guess with her record she does seem like the type to steal, i just seem like the type that likes to brush my hair and singing show tunes.

̈ ̈Veronica we have to ̈  Principal brooks says as Mrs. Roseburg flinches at the use of her first name.

̈ ̈What the hell paige ̈ felicity says as we walk back to out next class

¨You said you wouldnt pull that type of stuff anymore ̈

̈ ̈What did you want me to do? Let us rot in that office ̈

̈Stop ̈ she says as she abruptly stops walking ̈This isn't about pulling your getting out of jail free card it's about showing Cassie who is better ̈

¨That's ridiculous ̈ i say baffled that she would bring that up.

̈ ̈Your right this have nothing to do with it ̈ she says brushing past my shoulder

̈ ̈Ï understand sarcasm you know ̈ I saunter past her while trying to convince myself she is wrong.

I haven't liked Cassie in a long time, Felicity Is just jealous, the more I told myself that the more my mind started to unravel. I was stuck in the middle of the office hallway trying to convince myself that I like Felicity.

After Paige and Felicity left there was a two seat space between Will and I. I spent the rest of that little meeting fighting with myself on whether I should move over. I mean I haven't talked to since he broke up with Cassie, We had finally reached where we were before they started dating then balm without even telling me he breaks up with her and we haven't really talked since. The anger is not on the surface but I think deep down below boiling over at all the times I walked into cassies room while she was crying, the times she has tapped him on the shoulder in the hallway and he just turned away like he didn't even see her. Twin telepathy is definitely not a thing, but twin empathy is, when she is in emotional distress so am I. So when she says she is fine I know for a fact that she is not.

The bell rings and we all motion to get up, ¨sit back down none of you are leaving until we figure this out ̈. Principal brooks holds up a hand to silence her, and addresses us while we were frozen halfway to getting out bags, ̈You kids need to go to class , but I will expect you here at the end of the day ̈

Leaving that office was one of the most freeing things i think i'll ever feel in my entire life, I'm not really that fond of small spaces and after awhile the walls started to close into me. I stood outside for a moment in the fluorescently lit hallway. It then hit me what had just happened, the whole time it was like a joke to me like something I shouldn't take that seriously but standing there in the hallway next to cassie it hit me that if they for some reason found us guilty we could be suspended or expelled. My breathing started to quicken and the light in the hallway mellowed from bright from bright to very dim. The last thing I remember was will yelling my name then feeling hands catch me from my unconscious free fall to the ground.

I woke up to a metal bar forcing my back into a dull arch. As soon as I opened my eyes i am blinded by some sort of tool flashing light straight into my eyes, I distinctly push it away and roll over. My eyes are still closed in pain when i hear,

̈ ̈sorry hon didn't mean to come on that strong ̈

¨Its fine¨ I say back as I slowly sit back up rubbing my eyes.

When my eyes go back to normal I survey the room. It's a rather small room with two counters, both with sinks, a bunch of glass jars filled to the brim with cotton balls and popsicle sticks.

̈ ̈god dammit cassie¨ I whisper under my breath. She knows never to bring me to the nurses office, I hate doctors, with all my heart. My mom is a hypochondriac and every time me or Cassie would get even a bug bit she would call an ambulance. I was in and out of the hospital and doctors every other week growing up, until the doctors realized the one who was sick was her. Now Cassie and I live with our dad, our weekend visits are dwindling and sad, but that's not the point. The point is that I hate doctors. This act of betrayal by Cassie was sick. I tried my best to play it off cool and try to get out of that nurses office of death asap.

It's been a solid two minutes and Finn still does not noticed I'm sat in the corner of the room with him. I can hear him cursing me out under his breath, Finns hatred of doctors is childish and shouldn't come before his health. I grew up the same way as him but over time I got over my fear and became a rational functioning member of society.

̈get over it Finn¨ I said getting up from my chair. My instant presents seems to shook him more than I thought it would cause he nearly jumped out of his seat. I stifle a laugh under my breath.

¨This is not a joke Cassie ̈ he stated matter of factly in a tone that didn't quite match my playful one.

¨oh grow up, your gonna have to do it someday ̈ I taunt

̈ ̈That day is not today¨ he promently turns to the nurse and goes ̈i'm feeling fine and I'm going to leave now ̈

The nurse puts a hand out to keep him from hoping off the bed  ̈are we so sure that that’s best idea Mr. Williams ̈

¨ I know my rights and I know what I can and can't do and what i can and will do is get up and walk out of here ̈  he says, I furrow my eyebrows, that sentence made almost 0 sense and he looked really pale but i don't think anyone could get him to stay in that room. He nodded to the nurse and hopped down from the platform bed. He didn't make it very far because as soon as he took his next step he went straight back down. The nurse looks very alarmed but I just roll my eyes and sit back down.

¨How much longer do I have to be here for ̈  I said after a heavy sigh ¨I have a A.P bio test right now ̈

The nurse chuckles while attempting to hoist my brother back on the table ¨Most kids want to skip those things ̈

̈ ̈Well I have a reputation to uphold ̈ I get up to help her pick my brother back up and swing him up on the table.

̈And what's the Reputation you must uphold ̈
I choose to ignore her mocking tone, ̈being better than everyone else ̈ as soon of those words come out of my mouth, I regret them. The nurse looks up from taking Finns heartbeat almost startled, ¨um well- i guess that's a good reputation to have ̈

¨I didn't mean it to sound like I just- ̈ I lost my train of thought because deep down I knew that that's exactly how I wanted it to sound, deep down I wanted her to know I was the best. Why did I even care what she thought i met her like 30 minutes ago and due to my prestien heath and Finns hatred of doctors I will most likely never see her again.

The nurses words thankfully cut what felt like forever silence. ¨I get it, my parents were strict too¨ I smiled and nodded but only if she knew. My parents are the farthest thing possible from strict, my dad founded a company that grows medical marijuana and makes a killing, he nor my mom went to college and encourage us to the same. My mom divorced my dad when Finn and I were 5, because she is a crazy hypochondriac. In side of my dad's stepford looking house is absolute chaos of different colors on every wall, plants crazily overgrown, random dogs and cats my dad takes in from the street, when he is rarely home. A bee farm in the back porch. I had to teach myself hard work and ethics, i had to beg my mom to buy a car with her millions of dollars she got in the divorce just to get to and from violin practise which I told her was a youths against government club. I have to clean all the papers that she throws on the floor when she sees me ¨ working to hard¨. I'm the one who- before i could finish my thought finn sits straight up like a seesaw whos other half just got a boulder dropped on it, reaches into his bad and pulls out an old looking book i get closer to see what it is and i realize, it's the stolen book.

I'm nodding off in math when another announcement comes booming over the speakers. I'm in a little shock when both mine and Paige's name. Never the less I swoop over the desk to face the door I get up and start to walk down the hallway. I hear the swoosh swoosh of athletic pants and the squeaking of new shoes it the hallway I turn around, ̈ What do you want Will ̈ I say abruptly, he looks like he has been hit by a bullet. Even I looked surprised at my tone. I mean I have always made it obvious that i hates will. I'm honestly surprised paige still talks to him, I really don't understand how someone could do something like will did to Cassie.

¨Hey Cassie can forgive me why can't you¨ He said almost like he was reading my mind, slowly gaining his confidence back. I laugh while I slowly turned to face him, ¨Forgave you? She forgave you?¨ I said in a almost evil tone. ¨ye-yes¨ he said while slowly backing away from me fear in his eyes. ¨You think just cause she smiles and waves at you and cause she is friendly that she completely forgot about the years of torture you put her through because you ´cared about her¨ I said slowly stepping towards him my voice increasing ¨I thank god everyday that i don't know you growing up so you couldn't be my best friend, fall in love with me and then when i finally gain the courage to come out to you one of the only people i care about you get so jealous that you blast it all over the school and TELL MY PARENTS, bot am I lucky¨ I said to his bewildered face that I could barely see through my clouded eyes. I turn around and march down the hallway.

We sit in the office waiting. We are all turned away from each other and looking absolutely fine, except one person. We where called down early which is weird, my mind is still a little fuzzy from taking my anger from paige out on Will but I start to piece things together. I have been in pagies room and have seen endless framed pictures of just this group, this is the friend group that she used to allude to. How did I not realize this before, they all used to be friends before I moved here. But one person tore it all apart messed with the dynamic. I figured everything out just in time to see everything in motion.

Principal Brooks walks in followed by Ms. Roseburg, Will turns to face them, Paige nods at Cassie who Finn hands the book to and slips into the back zipper of wills backpack, all out of sight of Will and the teachers. By the time he turns back into place. Princeapal Brooks sighed and siad ¨Paige you said you knew who did it and demanded a meeting, so what do you have to say?¨

She looks over at finn who gives her another small nod. With that she burst into tears, through sobs she managed to get a few words out.

¨I had to ̈*sob*̈confess ̈ *sob* ̈Will ̈ *sob* ̈told me *sob* ¨He has the book ̈.

Will looked absolutely shocked,  ¨what are you talking about, i didn't steal it¨ and with a desperate almost apologetic but smug glance over he sa at Finnand Cassie and said ¨Finn did ̈

Finn smirks quickly before emptying his backpack onto the table. At this point the teachers in the room where just as interested in this situation as I was and didnt dare to interrupt it. Will looked very confused as to why the contents of his bag did not include the book in question. He must have tryed to plant the book back on finn sometime.

Paiges is still sobbing, Finn throws his backpack to the ground and goes  ̈your turn ̈, my doc martens are kicked up on the desk, will is looking absolutely petrified, Cassie is not even trying to hide her absolute delight in the situation. If the scene was frozen it would read like a renaissance painting.

̈ ̈your turn Will  ̈ finn repeats as he turns creeply to Will. Will is the type of person whose ego is so huge that even after a humiliating defeat like that, he still had confidence to smirk at finn when he emptied his bag. The first thing that conveniently plopped out of his bag was the book.  

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